Summary: The purest metal comes out of the greatest heat! It’s amazing what we can discover about ourselves & others when life throws us a curve. We can see this in the life of Hezekiah. Let’s examine it together!

Preached @ Dinsmore Baptist Church

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What would you do IF, today you were told, "You would do well to get all your affairs in order because today at 3:00 PM life as you know it will end!"

Panic? Party? Pray?

This is exactly the decision Hezekiah was faced with. No different from us all, he thought he’d get well and live to a ripe old age. However, he got word from a very reliable source, "Hezekiah you will not beat this thing..."

His choice, he began praying. Best decision he had ever made. The only problem with this is, we should learn from this example. We cannot recklessly rely on knowing the year, month, day even hour we might die. We need to be ready NOW!

Let’s take a look at Hezekiah’s story.

Main Division

I. The Sickness Of The King (38:1)

II. The Supplication Of The King (38:2-3)

III. The Salvation Of The King (38:4-6)

IV. The Sign For The King (38:7-8)

V. The Summary By The King (38:9-22)

Conclusion: My advice "Be Ready!"

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