Summary: When you abandon God, life has disastrous consequences. The book of Ruth clearly demonstrates this concept ... while also showing that God will provide a way to redeem us, if we will only turn to Him!

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Setting the Stage for Ruth

Ruth 1:1-5

- Just for planning purposes, the month of November will be Ruth study

- December will be Advent series (Sunday’s only)

- Wed nights we will fellowship as always and work on Nativity scene

- Nov 2 is our planning meeting for the Nativity -- don’t forget to be here!

Point 1 – The Introduction to Ruth

- The actual author of Ruth is unknown

-- It was written between the years 1046-1035 B.C.

-- Its main characters are Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz – all with unique stories as well


- The location we know was in the area of Moab, east of the Dead Sea

-- On the other side of the Dead Sea was the land of Judah (Hebron & Gaza)

-- And to the North would’ve been the lands of Reuben and Benjamin (Jerusalem)

- Ruth is an incredible story of redemption and of acceptance by all by God

-- It is a story of love, a story of romance, and a story of great personal cost

-- All of the characters in this book face crisis of some sort in their lives

-- APP: This allows us to see them as human, personable, and relatable

- Ruth demonstrates for us a very important contrast of books

-- Judges reflects what happens when a nation rebels and turns away from God

-- Ruth shows what happens when God’s people live in covenant with Him

- There are no miracles in this book, and it’s named after a Gentile

-- The other Gentile book is … LUKE! So it’s a unique book for us to study

- There are two key concepts which we will see in great detail

-- 1) “chesed” which means God’s loyal love, close to concept of grace

-- 2) “go’el” which means “kinsman redeemer”, someone who literally saves

- So, with all that in our head, let’s read and see how God opens our eyes

- Read Ruth 1:1-5

∆ Point 2 – Setting the Scene (1-5)

- What we are seeing here right off (v1) is the time period in which we are in

-- It is important to note what is going on here, which is why it’s written

- Both Ruth and Judges take place within the same time period

-- It is a time between Israel’s conquest of Canaan under Joshua, and,

-- The time when a united (Law-abiding) kingdom begins under King Saul

-- It is, in a word, a very schizophrenic time period for this land

- What Judges does is show us what happens when a nation rebels

-- It gives us a clear look at what God’s response is to a nation’s rebellion

-- Note: We should probably read that book ourselves and see ourselves in it

- What happens in Judges is this: The unthinkable becomes the norm!

-- APP: People turn their back on God and create policies/programs they like

- They rebel against God’s teaching and decide they are morally superior

-- APP: It’s almost like watching the same TV show over and over again

- Paul warned of the VERY same thing happening, decades later to Timothy

-- 2 Timothy 4:3, “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.”

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