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Summary: TOHU is not a word we would want associated with our spiritual life.

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• I hope you have enjoyed our journey through the 7 Hebrew words every Christian should know.

• As we live life we have to make a major decision, that decision is HOW AM I GOING TO LIVE MY LIFE?

• Put another way, one of the gifts we all have is time; however, the gift of time is not something we can stockpile, nor is it something we can purchase more, rather time is a gift that is not guaranteed to us, we live life second by second, never knowing when the clock will run out on us.

• So, the question is, how will you spend the gift of your time?

• The word final word we will examine today gives us something to consider as we ponder how we will chose to live the life we now have.

• Today we conclude with a word that is used only 20 times in the Old Testament.

• The word for today is TOHU (TOE WHO). This word is translated a few different ways in the Old Testament Hebrew because the word is not a one shade of a color like blue, there is sky blue, navy blue, royal blue, teal, light blue, baby blue, ugly 1970’s car blue, etc.…

• This word contains six predominate shades of a color, hence, the reason for six or more various words in the English to try to catch the hue of the day within the context of the passage.

• We will look at all six shades of the color this morning and as we do, I hope we can see why this word is important for us to understand.

• We will survey a few passages this morning as we unfold TOHU, so you can check out the screen, or follow on You Version.

• Let’s begin with our first thought.

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??????? I. Tohu defined.

• How do we define TOHU?

• There are six predominate shades that bring life to this word, they are all, if you will blue, but the word encompasses various shades of the color. So, what I want to do it to break down those six shades in order of use, from the most used to the least.

• The first way TOHU is translated is by the phrase WORTHLESS THING.

• It is used in this way 8 of the 2 times the word is used in the Old Testament.

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1 Samuel 12:21 (CSB) Don’t turn away to follow worthless things (TOHU) that can’t profit or rescue you; they are worthless.

• This comes from Samuel’s final speech to as encourages the people to follow God.

• A worthless thing is defined as something that is worthless or unsubstantial.

• This shade of TOHU deals with the pursuit of things that are worthless and unsubstantial.

• The second phrase that is used to translate TOHU is wasteland. TOHU is translated in this manner 4 times.

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Psalm 107:40 (CSB) he pours contempt on nobles and makes them wander in a trackless wasteland.

• A wasteland is land that is worthless for cultivation, it is uninhabitable.

• A third shade of the TOHU is translated by the word EMPTINESS. It shade of the word is used three times in the Old Testament.

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Job 26:7 (CSB) He stretches the northern skies over empty space; he hangs the earth on nothing.

• Emptiness is a state of containing nothing.

• The fourth shade of TOHU is translated as FORMLESS, which is used two times.

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