Summary: Jesus said "I have come" several times. Here are seven reasons He gave for leaving Heaven to come here.

Video “Christmas: God with us

I really enjoyed that video of a father and child having a Christmas talk. Today I want us to look at another father/ child conversation about Christmas. In fact, the first conversation about Christmas. Romans 8:3 reads “For what the law was powerless to do because it was weakened by the flesh, God did by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh to be a sin offering.”

This is why we celebrate Christmas. Jesus being born in a manger to a virgin, so that He could live the perfect life we are incapable of living so we can have salvation.

However, before He left heaven do you wonder if He and his Father said “Good-bye?” Have you ever given thought to what was exchanged between the two? Well, this week I discovered Heb 2:9-18 and found what may be a glimpse of that very conversation. Now I have taken a little literary license to bring this scripture into more of a conversation format so please, don’t be offended. I promise to stay true to the text.

The Father: “It seems Mary is about to deliver so I guess you should be on your way. It’s a big step down for you. You have always ruled over the angels but when you leave, you will be a little lower than them. Moreover, I look forward to when you come back so I can crown you with glory and honor. When you get to the death part remember that you are doing it so all my other children can come also to receive glory. You are perfect for this task and don’t forget it.”

Jesus: “I will proclaim your name to my brothers and sisters. I will praise you among your assembled people. I will put my trust in you and lead your other children to do the same.”

I know this is the only way. Your other children are flesh and blood so I have to become one of them. In addition, I know to beat the devil and his power of death, I have to die and that cannot happen if I am not flesh and blood. There is no other way.

And you angels, I am not doing this for you. I’m doing it for them.”

The Father: “It’s time to go. When you come back, you will still be in the flesh. I will have a Priestly robe waiting for you to wear. You will forever be their High Priest but no need to bring a sacrificial lamb with you. You will do just fine.”

Jesus: “Ok Dad. I am ready. I am ready to suffer and be tested. And in doing so help him and him and her and him and her and her in their testing and suffering”

The Father: “Remember why I sent you and know I am well pleased.”

Therefore, Jesus is born with a mission on Earth. And He reveals that mission in the Scriptures. Today we will look at seven reasons Jesus gave for coming to Earth, seven reasons for the season.

1) To fulfill prophecy.

“Don’t misunderstand why I have come. I did not come to abolish the Law of Moses or the writings of the prophets. No, I came to accomplish their purpose.” (Matthew 5:17)

There are over 400 prophetic statements made concerning the Messiah or Christ. Jesus fulfilled them all. The odds of a man fulfilling just eight of these prophecies are 10 to the 17th power. This is equivalent to covering the entire state of Texas with silver dollars two feet deep, marking one of them, mixing them all up and having a blindfolded person select the marked one at random the first time. The chance that any one-man fulfilling 48 prophecies are 1 in 10157. The estimated number of electrons in the universe is around 1079. Jesus said, “I have come to insure none of God’s prophets are found guilty of false prophecy. I have come to fulfill all 400.”

2) To serve

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Matt 20:28)

All other Rabbis would have expected to be served by their followers. However, Jesus came to serve his followers. All others gods would have expected many lives sacrificed to them. But Jesus came to sacrifice his life for many.

Jesus would turn the idea of service and sacrifice upside down. Even with his disciples when He wanted to wash their feet He was met with resistance. It can be humbling to be served by one you should be serving. That is why He came, to humble us.

3) To preach to all

But Jesus replied, “We must go on to other towns as well, and I will preach to them, too. That is why I came.” (Mark 1:38)

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