Summary: So there are seven things God has not seen!! No problem is too big for Him; no sickness incurable; nothing higher than His word; no dead church He could not revive; no man He could not love; no man who can be a substitute for His Son Jesus; no sinner He c

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Intro: Now I know what you are thinking. You are thinking if I am speaking of the God of the Bible? The God of the Bible does see and know all things. (Prov. 15:3) And this preacher here is saying there are 7 things God has never seen? This preacher is off a little. No, I am fine, not off at all. Now let us reason together as our Lord has told us to. Ready, here we go. Well, the first thing God has not seen is:

1. God has not seen a problem He could not solve (Jer. 32:17; Mark 10:27). Recall the situation. Israel was in Egypt for 400 yrs. Remember the 10 great plagues, the mighty crossing of the Red Sea? Jericho which was a land of giants; or David and Goliath? Or the Wedding at Cana and the 5000 men that Jesus fed? Christ is the answer! God is the solution. You only have to believe He can handle your situation and solve your problems in His appointed time.

2. God has not seen a sickness He could not heal (Matt. 4:23; 12:15; 15:30). Remember Legion, a man full of devils. Jesus restored this man’s mind. Jesus performed all sorts of healing and pointed men to God. Today, many are physically well but spiritually sick. Physical illnesses are types of spiritual problems which the Lord could also heal.

3. God has not seen anything higher than His word (Psa. 138:2 cf. Jer. 10:6; Psa. 8:1). Though the Name of the Lord is high and mighty and no other name could be higher, yet He Himself has allowed His WORD to be above His NAME. That is HOW God views and respects His word. Do you have the same respect to the Bible like God? God is closely tied up with His word. What God is, so is the Bible – Eternal, Light, Life, Truth, Perfect, Sanctifier, Judge, etc.

4. God has never seen a dead church he could not revive (Rev. 3:1; Eph. 5:14). Jesus knows a church and what it does! The church at Sardis has a name or reputation of being alive before men and yet is dead in God’s sight! While their physical number is growing, yet the members were not spiritually growing. When something is dead, then it is not fruitful. If the life of the body depends on individual cells, similarly the life of a local church depends on the spiritual health of individual members. God can revive a dead church by beginning to revive individual members.

5. God has not seen a man He did not love (John 3:16; I John 4:9). You may be a drunkard, a drug addict, a fornicator, adulterer, liar, deceiver, murderer, despised and rejected – but God still loves you! You may be the greatest criminal on record or the greatest sinner the world has ever seen, but God can and still love you!!! The love of God is greater than your worst sin!!! As long as you are alive, breathing, and living….there’s hope and God loves you!!!

6. God has never seen anyone who could take the place of Jesus (Ezek. 22:30; Acts 4:12; Phil. 2:8-11). No, there is none like his Son – our Lord Jesus Christ. There is no human on earth that could even closely resemble the Lord Jesus. No one in the entire universe could take His place now and forever! And this Most Unique Person in the Universe is the reason why you can be forgiven, cleansed, saved from the power and penalty of sin! It’s about time we give ourselves to the Lord after He had given Himself for us!

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