Summary: ❶ We Hear the Fulfillment of Prophecy (Isa. 53:12 ❷ We Hear Christ’s Identified with His People ❸ We Hear Of God’s View of Sin Ignorant or Not ❹ We Hear About the Blindness of the Human Heart ❺ We Hear Him P

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Luke 23:34 - Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do

10 Famous Last Words

10 This doesn't taste right.

9 "I can make this light before it changes.

8 Now watch this.

7 "Why yes honey, I do think you look fat in that dress.

6 Let it down slowly.

5 Nice doggie

4 It's probably just a rash

3 That's odd.

2 Which wire was I supposed to cut?

1 What does this button do?

When someone dies, a frequent question that people have is: Did he or she say anything at the end?

We want to know what the last words were.

We are hopeful that they understood how much we loved them.

We look for some word of insight, a wise truth, a word of hope.

- Here Christ’s first words was a prayer

❶ We Hear the Fulfillment of Prophecy (Isa. 53:12)

Isaiah foretold that the Messiah would "make intercession for the transgressors."

Isaiah 53:12 had to do with the Savior dying on the Cross between two common thieves and praying for those who put Him there!

Isa. 53 reveals at least 10 Prophecies of Christ’s Death:

- Despised and Rejected of men

- Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief

- Wounded, bruised, and chastised

- Led like a sheep to the slaughter

- Dumb before His shearers

- Suffer at the hands of men

- He should pour out His soul unto death

- Buried in a rich man’s tomb

- Numbered among the transgressors

- He should make intercession for the transgressors

In this 1st Saying on the Cross we see the prophetic fulfillment.

❷ We Hear Christ’s Identified with His People


- On no previous occasion did Christ ever make such a request of the Father because He Himself forgave others of sin.

- Mk. 9:2 Man sick of palsy "Son, be of good cheer; thy sins be forgiven thee."

- Lk. 7:48 Woman at Simon’s House "Thy sins are forgiven."

- Why now did Jesus Christ ask the Father to forgive?

Forgiving Sins is a Divine prerogative.

- Mk. 2:7 "Who can forgive sins by God only?"

Jesus IS God, but at the time of His request, He was "lifted up from the earth" (Jn. 12:32) as the ultimate Substitutionary Sacrifice for SIN!

- At that moment, Jesus Christ was bearing the SINS of the entire world!

- As our Representative on the Cross, He was no longer in a position or place of authority to exercise His Divine prerogative because He was identified with sinful man!

❸ We Hear Of God’s View of Sin Ignorant or Not

"Father, forgive them FOR THEY KNOW NOT what they do."

- Mankind is guilty of sin regardless how much we plead ignorance.

Jesus clearly stated that "They KNOW NOT what they do!"

- SIN is always SIN to Almighty God and the "wages of sin is Death!"

Rom 3:23 & 6:23

- Today, we are far less ignorant than in the days of Jesus

Why? We have the Word of God revealed to us!!

❹ We Hear About the Blindness of the Human Heart

"Father, forgive them for they know not WHAT they do."

- They knew that they were crucifying Jesus,

- They did not know that they were crucifying CHRIST!

- Yet, they ought to have known!

- The O.T. revealed Who He was;

- His many miracles He performed revealed Himself

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