Summary: Sex was not created by Hugh Hefner nor Howard Stern. Sex is God’s Idea. He is the author and producer. The Biblical standard is this: “A satisfying sex life is the result of a satisfying marital relationship.” (SEMINAR INFORMATION AVAILABLE)

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Raise your hand if you are married. Now raise your hand if you want to get married. Oh, do I have a message for you? Let’s Play the Video!!

(The Video is from sermonspice and titled SEX and portrays the worlds view of SEX. Cost $10).

Today, as you can see, we are going to be talking about SEX. We all heard what they said, you can have sex with any person, “its all fun just go with the flow,” “sex before marriage-can’t do it any other way,” “anything in moderation is good,” even my man with no shirt on and the tattoo who looked high as a kite said “Group sex is cool.”

The WORLD has dominated our society in the area of SEX-EDUCATION. They are the leading influence and teacher on sex. Their view is regularly pushed on the streets, music, TV and in the movies. Would you agree that there is not one thing in this video you never heard before? I bet, if I asked some of you, to tell me, how the WORLD views sex. You would probably say, word for word, the things that were said in this video.

How about, if I asked you, what does God have to say about SEX? Would you be able to give me an accurate BIBLICAL answer? Would your answers be as through as the answers you would have for the world’s view on sex? Probably, not! It is probably safe to say that very few of you would give me a sound biblical view on sex. I know that because when I was in TC, I did not have a clue.

Watch this: “Sex is the first thing we want to do when we leave here and it is the last thing we would think to study while we are here.”

I’ll be completely honest. I still have a ton to learn about SEX. If it was not for the intense, I mean extremely intense, hands on, training I took for almost a year called “Marriage” (HOLD the RING UP), I would be speechless now!! But combining my hands on training and extensive research, my wife I have done on this subject, plus having sat under the best speakers in the country on marriage and having read everything we can get out hands on, we feel, we have developed a teaching that accurately portrays God’s heart for SEX.

(TITLE) "SEX-GOD" (Rob Bell’s Book)

Did you know that Howard Stern didn’t invent sex, nor did Hugh Heffner? Sex is God’s Idea. Before the church ever had their first service, God created sex. Even before man fell in the Garden, sex existed. So for as long as man ruled this earth, sex has been on the brain. Can I get an Amen?

At a conference the speaker was Dr. Gary Chapman. He was speaking on sex and he began by addressing a common problem among Christians today. He called it “The Great Sex Swindle.”

He made two statements that ring true in our Christians circles today. He said, (1) “Christians believe that sex is sinful and worldly” and (2) “Good Christians are not suppose to talk about sex.” Both of these ideas are false. How can sex be sinful if it is God’s idea for man and out of everyone in the world, Christians should be the last people to be silent on the subject.

Some one once said, “We should never be embarrassed to discuss what God was not embarrassed to create.” I heard it said like this, “God does not blush when He looks over the banister of heaven and sees us taking part in the very thing HE created” and He especially does not get shy when we talk about it with the correct motives.

Dr. Richard Dobbins teaches that, “The bible is neither silent nor uninhibited when talking about the issue of human sexuality. God has words on this topic so we should not be silent.”

When we talk about sex, we have to talk about marriage because the two go hand and hand. Just like you can’t drive a car without a motor, you can’t have sex without being married. The truth of the matter is this “Outside of marriage sex cannot serve God’s purposes.” God’s purposes for sex are manifold, meaning more than one.

But before we talk about the Biblical Perspective on SEX, I want to make a statement I heard at a marriage conference (WRITE THIS DOWN). The speaker said, “A satisfying sex life is the result of a satisfying marital relationship.” Did you see that? The relationship itself is primary and out of a loving marital relationship, flows a passionate sex life. It can’t be any other way.

The world’s view is contrary. They believe “a satisfying marital relationship is the result of a satisfying sex life.” They put all their eggs in one basket and when it does not turn out the way they expect and true love is not experienced, they bail out of the relationship. What this has done is damage our society mentality when it comes to sex and marriage, crippling the marital covenant, which is a BLOOD COVENANT, reducing it down to a temporary contract like something you fill out when you buy a car.

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