Summary: Conclusion of 3 part sermon. videotape deals with the deceptive power Satan and the Antichrist will use to destroy many.

Sex ,Lies,and Videotape-Videotape Conclusion; Videotape in todays world is based on these three things that we have been discussing. Sex has an overwhelming effect upon what gets taped and what gets cut. Even in the news the old saying, “Sex Sells “ applies in todays society. The moves that you rent, watch on television and even cartoons are now unfit for christians and children to watch. Lies , Lies are being broadcast every single day over the airways. A politician was interviewed a few days ago and was asked about lies , his response, ” Its all part of the game.” Some lies are the cause of many deaths in the world. Shiite Clerics , in Iraq and Iran, use videotape and lies and sex to incite the populace to revolt and kill the innocent. How do they use sex ? In the muslim world, the clerics tell younger men ,”If you die ,killing the infidel {those not Muslim} you will receive 6 to 12 virgins to please you in Heaven. Strange, but true. Many a young man has went to his death as a suicide bomber believing this. The specific scriptures that I would like you to consider are Eph. 2:3 , 1st Tim. 6:9-21 and 2nd Tim 3:8. These scriptures speak of the mind and of science. Men in these end time ,have their minds on evil constantly, coming up with many inventions that are sinful in nature. The anti-christ will also use videotape to broadcast his lies to the nations. You can see that videotape can manipulate the truth and screen what is being watched. It can be edited and cut and shown at anytime when mans benefit is the highest. Be careful what you watch and believe. Satan uses tape to seduce young children, in their movies, games and cartoons. Videotape can be used by man to broadcast hafe truths. For an example, look at the election process in the united states. Politicians, use videotape to broadcast derogatory statements against their rivals and most of the time if you look deeper into what has been said, you can find that only hafe the story was told. Its the lust of the flesh and mind that we are talking about. The carnal mind will do anything to fulfill the lust of the flesh. Weather it be for money, pleasure, power or wealth. Lets look at Eph. 2:3 for an example. “Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lust of our flesh and of the mind ; and were by nature the children of wrath , even as others.” Because of manipulation of videotape , I believe if Jesus were to come back today and do the miracles that he did 2,000 years ago, people would not believe. They would say that it was a trick camera of videotape that was edited. What do you think ? I’ve read a lot of articles in the last few mounts from a three state area concerning christians, commenting on things that they’ve been seeing on television and am concerned that many are being deceived by videotape. I warn all christians to be careful of the things that you watch and be not deceived. Search the scriptures and see what God has to say about the events that are happening today. Every answer to every question that you have is answered in the Bible. As we come to the end of this age, I pray for your safety and prosperity. God promised that He would shorten the days, so that the very elect would not be deceived. Matthew 24:24, “ For there shall arise false Christs , and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that , if it were posable, they shall deceive the very elect.’” And how do you think that they will try to accomplish this ? As with political adds, an independent study showed that 80% of this type of videotape was either false or only gave partial facts. Satan will manipulate the air waves to try to deceive many. In this last segment ,you can see the dangers of videotape. We found out that sex, lies and videotape ,is a tool that Satan and the anti-christ will use to confuse and destroy many. ars.

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