Summary: Symbolically, a person’s shadow is the symbol of their influence. The shadow of a man is often larger and more far reaching than the man himself. The most potent form of influence is not only silent but also for the most part, unaware -- Just as we are

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Dr. Wayne A. Lawson

Antioch Institutional Baptist Church

Oklahoma City, OK 73117

Preached Sunday, November 15, 2009



Simon Peter is one of the most interesting men in religious history. More conspicuously than any other, he illustrates the possibility of the growth of a human life into the full image of God. At no time during Peter’s tedious pilgrimage did the common people pay him a Finer Tribute than is revealed in the text read in our hearing. Some of the people of Jerusalem brought forth the sick into the streets, and laid them on beds and couches, that at the least the shadow of Peter passing by might overshadow some of them. That is to say that the Lame and Sick were strategically placed in the streets that at the Least – or if Nothing Else, the shadow – not laying hands – word – but a shadow - A Silhouette of a man named Peter might fall on them and bring about a healing.

• Clearly, those with sick friends and family hoped that the shadow of Peter would heal their loved ones.

• Although the text does not explicitly state that the sick were healed in this fashion, it is, nevertheless; implied

The most powerful influence that we are aware of is called silence. Silence can be used as a Powerful tool. Those that have been married for any amount of time have most likely used the tactic of silence as a powerful tool to stress a point or an act of influence to bring about a sufficient change. Consider with me a Shadow:

• What a Silent Thing a Shadow is!

• Noiselessly it falls

• Not a Word does it speak

• Not a Sound does it make

• The mightiest forces in nature as well as in human life are always silent in their operations

• Before a Storm there is a Lull - a Calm - a Quiteness

The most potent of all the forces that move our human nature is the Power of love – true Love.

• How silent are its Mighty Conquests

• You know what it does but you never hear its movements

• You know that it gives Luster to the Eye

• Adds music to the voice

• Transfigures the commonest things to the utmost state of beauty

• However, no one ever heard the movement of Love

Although Love is an action word -- its movements are silent -- when Elijah hid himself in Horeb from Jezebel, God spoke to him, “What are you doing here Elijah?” IF GOD BE FOR YOU, WHO COULD BE AGAINST YOU? He stood upon the mount before the Lord:

• Great and Strong Wind that rent the mountains and brake in pieces the rocks, but we are told that God was not in it

• After the Wind, an Earthquake, but the Lord was not in it

• After the Earthquake, a Fire, but the Lord was not in the fire

• After the Fire there came a still small voice

• A Whisper forces us to pay close attention

• It causes us to Really Listen and Pay Attention to what is being said

• Nothing more obnoxious than a Loud Preacher – Bad Impression

The Master taught concerning His Kingdom. The Kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal – and the leaven works silently. The Kingdom of Heaven is like unto a seed which a man took and cast into the ground – and the seed grows noiselessly.

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