Summary: What is my true purpose on earth? To preserve and project!

2007 Summer Series - Sermon on the Mount: Shake it and Shine it – Part two

Matthew 5:13-16

The Sermon on the Mount is one of greatest jewels of the bible. It deals with what many in our churches do not want to adhere to – Holy living and Holy conduct. Dr. Vashti McKenzie said it best I think as she characterized today’s morality in one of the major magazines …“Most people want to go to heaven with their sins!” In other words, they don’t want to live holy - but they want a holy reward.

Today’s message as we continue to learn from the greatest sermon ever preached – by the greatest preacher to ever teach – given to the greatest redemption institution the church - deals with the Ministry of Shining. The last time we were together we were introduced in this Matthew passage by Christ to the Ministry of Salting:

• Salting and Shining – are the two main purposes for the New Testament believer:

o I hear all the time - “Pastor, I just don’t know what my purpose in life is”! Matter of fact Rick Warren wrote a bestselling book entitled “The Purpose-Driven Life” a great book that sold millions: trying to help folk figure out their God-given purpose on this earth.

o Jesus answered that question 2000 years ago one evening just outside Jerusalem on a hillside…right hear in our text!

• V.13 – “You are the Salt of the Earth”

• V.14 – “You are the Light of the World”

• In other words Jesus is saying - whatever you do in life and where ever you end up in life you should be about spreading my salt and shining the light of my salvation; (repeat)

• Our calling brothers and sisters is to act like salt and shine like the light!

o Quote from Tony’s new book… Headed to the best-seller list!

 Great illustration of this teaching - P. 289

• Now that is a salty quote!

o But let me share something that really blessed me…(Read hand-written note)

 Touch three people and say - we are salty!

Remember Salt has three main functions:

• Salt is Sanctifying - Salt serves to purify!

o That is what the church does - we purify!

o I did not say pacify but purify!

 That means sometimes it might burn before it gets better!

• Salt is Saving – salt in Jesus day served as a preservative!

o Before refrigeration they used salt to preserve meat!

o Salt preserves!

 You are the reason the company you work for has not closed its doors!

• Salt is seasoning – How many know food taste better with a little salt?

• Guess what – life does too! Somebody scream -Pass the salt!

Today I want to analyze the second illustration that Jesus gives in this text regarding your and our purpose/calling as saints: The light.

• How many know you are either a saint or you ain’t!

• If you are there should be some evidence:

V.14 – “Ye are the light of the world” – we read that and we go “okay”…but I don’t think we really realize what Jesus is suggesting here:

 You see light was the first thing that God created! Genesis 1:2-3

o Why? Because that was the world’s greatest need at that time- mother earth was in total darkness:

 Listen to Moses account: “The earth was without form and void - and darkness was over the face of the deep;

o The darkness was deep!

o Genesis 1:3 – God declares “let there be light” and there was light!”

 That is awesome – God walks in a dark room with no electricity and no generator and no candle and says…

God can handle your darkness!

The world has not changed it was in darkness then- and the world is in darkness now:

 The only difference – then…the cosmos needed physical light:

 Today our culture need spiritual light!

There are three things I want you to remember about this metaphorical illustration about the light: I want you to see:

 Declaration of the Light: V.14 - “Ye are the light”!

 Notice here that Jesus does not say you are a light: No, No, No

• That would suggest that there are other lights;

o Jesus said “you are the light”

This is one of the most profound statements about your purpose in all of scripture:

o Your purpose is to shine!

 In essence Jesus is saying - If you don’t shine nothing else will!

 Here Christ discloses the value of the church!

• You have value!

That brings us to my second point:

 Location of the light: V.14b - “…of the world”

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