Summary: Does our faith become shaken because we are so weak, or does our faith shake things up because it is so strong?

Acts 4:27-37

Verse 27-28-God you made the heavens and the earth and the sea and all that is with in them and nothing happens without your purpose and your plan being involved!

No matter what has happened in your life good stuff or bad stuff, God has a plan to use it for the benefit of the kingdom of God and for the benefit of helping others!!

No the question is? Will you allow God to use the circumstances that have happened to you, will you teach people the lessons you have learned through the trials that you have been through?

He can take bad things and turn them into good things and He take good things and turn them into better things.

Verse 29-30-Prayed for boldness, not that the treat would go away, not that the troubles would pass, but that they would have the boldness to speak out!

Sometimes when we pray, we pray that the troubles would leave, that we could be comfortable, that we would be at ease and there might not be nothing wrong with that, but I also know that we need to pray for boldness to speak out in these times!

Because there is something about going thm a difficult situation (whether they are going thru it or we are) that allows people to be more acceptable to what we are saying aboutthe Lord!

Signs and wonders-This would be the benefits of having the boldness to speak out.

Because God is in the miracle business!

It is because thru signs and wonders and healings that people can see how great God is!

He is great than there problem, greater than their disease, greater than their affliction, greater than their suffering, greater than their lost!!!

Verse 31 -During trials and tribulations is our faith shaken or does it shake the environment around us?

Do people say of you or other Christians you know, “I don’t know how they can deal with what is going on in their life, I couldn’t do it?”

They are in awe of the faith that you have during this difficult time in your life!

Our faith in God can shake up peoples lives, because they see something in our life that they want in their life!

Verse 32-37-We don’t read anywhere that the disciples ask people to sell their land or possessions, they did this on their on feel will!

God used that to meet everyone’s need.

People are preaching that God’s blessing comes with how much you are willing to give as a tithe, but I always understood that God’s blessing comes with obedience to His word!

I believe the thing that is on top of His list of being obedient to Him is witnessing to about what Christ has done for them!!

Verse 33-The apostles testified powerfully to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and God’s blessing was upon them all.

The disciples focus was upon preaching Jesus!

Where is your focus? Is it upon your circumstance?

Is it upon what God can do thru this circumstance?

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