Summary: When Christians approach the Lord, they should bring all of theirself. True worship involves bowing our will to His will.

I. We must Bring our Wonder - vs. 7-8b

A. We are to Acknowledge His Majesty (glory)

Who is glorious but the Lord? Who is strong, save our God? (Exodus 15:11)

B. We are to Acknowledge His Might (strength) (Psalms 89:8)

Strong enough to Save - Faithful enough to keep His Word! (Isaiah 46:9)

C. We are to Acknowledge His Manifestation - (name)

The name of God reveals Him to us! It is His being, His attributes.

II. We must Bring our Wealth (Possessions) - 8b

A. This Offering was one of Loyalty

B. This Offering is one of Love (Luke 12:34)

III. We must Bring our Worship (Praise) - vs. 9

A. The Person that we Worship - The LORD

B. The Position of our Worship (Psalms 95:6)

C. The Purpose of our Worship

1. To express Admiration - All of His attributes

2. To express Awe - FEAR (Psalm 2:11)

IV. We must Bring our Will

If we will worship - it will be because we desire to! It is not the issue of possessions, but our own selves. It is a matter of will! (Romans 12:1-2)

A. The Wonder of Her Gift

1. The Person of her Gift - Her Wonder is seen by WHO she anointed.

2. The Place of Her Gift - The Feet of Jesus - this was the motivation.

B. The Wealth of Her Gift

1. The Price of her Gift - Costly - Spikenard, from India - 300 days wages

2. The Purpose of her Gift - She willingly gave - and she did it on purpose

C. The Worship of Her Gift

1. The Praise of Her Gift - She gave up her glory for His Glory

2. The Pleasure of Her Gift - fragrance of her Praise (Psalm 141:2)

Concl. She accomplished the worship of Psalm 96 because she was willing!

No one can make us worship, we will do it willingly.

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