Summary: Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sharing God Experience

(Second Sunday in Ordinary Time)


John 1:35-42,

1 Corinthians 6:13-15,

1 Corinthians 6:17-20,

1 Samuel 3:3-10,

1 Samuel 3:19,

Psalms 40:8-9.


My dear sisters and brothers,

Today, let us listen to the text from the Gospel according to Saint John (1:35-42) for our reflection:

“John was standing with two of his disciples,

   and as he watched Jesus walk by, he said,

   “Behold, the Lamb of God.”

The two disciples heard what he said and followed Jesus.

Jesus turned and saw them following him and said to them,

   “What are you looking for?”

They said to him, “Rabbi”—which translated means Teacher—,

   “where are you staying?”

He said to them, “Come, and you will see.”

So they went and saw where Jesus was staying,

   and they stayed with him that day.

It was about four in the afternoon.

Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter,

   was one of the two who heard John and followed Jesus.

He first found his own brother Simon and told him,

   “We have found the Messiah”—which is translated Christ—.

Then he brought him to Jesus.

Jesus looked at him and said,

   “You are Simon the son of John;

   you will be called Cephas”—which is translated Peter.”

There was a King, who did a long period of penance for the vision of God.

One day, the king had a vision of God.


The king was overjoyed and asked God for a blessing.


God also rejoiced in the king’s penance.

So, God told the king to ask for any boon.

The king humbly asked for a vision to all his people including the queen, the royal family, the ministers, and the people of his country.

This was strange.


God responded that it depends on each one’s vocation and purpose of life.


Nevertheless, God agreed to the king’s wish.

God granted what the king asked for.

God said to the king, “There is a high mountain, where you will all come together and then I will do as you wish.”


The king was happy.

The king announced to everyone in the country what had happened and invited everyone to come together so that they could go to the mountain, praying and walking.


All gathered and walked towards the mountain.


Everyone started climbing the mountain with the king eager to see God.

After walking a short distance up on the mountain, the copper rocks appeared.


Lots of people left right away and they also began to carry on their heads the copper found by breaking the rock.


The king said to people, “God’s presence is going to be available for all and all this copper is nothing before it.”


“Come on, let’s continue climbing,” said the king.


To which they replied, “O! king, this is what is needed now for us. What do we get with the presence of God in our lives?


The king called the rest of them and started to climb.

After walking some more distance towards the mountain, they came across silver rocks.


The rest of the public, who saw it, ran towards it, and bundled the silver pieces and began to move to their homes.


The king again shouted to the people, “God’s presence would be priceless!”

“It would be available soon. What are these silver lumps going to be used for before the presence of God?”, the king said.


The people began to measure as much as possible saying that the silver was now more than the sight of God and the silver lumps would help their survival.


The king began to climb the mountain with the rest of the royal family.


Now, in the distance appeared a mountain of gold.


The royal family and the ministers went there.


Now, only the king and queen were left.

The king crossed half the mountain with the queen.


There was a diamond mountain.

The queen saw it.

She said, “The diamond is so important to me now.”


Finally, the king was left alone.

The king went and stood alone on the top of the mountain.


God again appeared before the king, laughed, and asked, “Where are your people?”.


The king bowed his head saying that they all went to pick up the material things.

The king said to God, “They do not know the difference between good and bad. Forgive me.”

God said to the king, “Only a handful of people in the world know who I am. It is not easy for others to see me! There are many people on this earth who are covered in the mud of worldly desires. They all belong to the body, wealth, property, copper, silver, gold, diamonds, name and fame, power and authority. They are trapped in such deceptive illusions. He, who is willing will reach me beyond all these, is true son or daughter to me. Did you understand?”.

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Louisa D'souza

commented on Jan 15, 2021

Every choice and decision that we make, must be for the mission of God and purpose of God in our lives. Lot of depth..... Thank you very much for enlightening us and allowing us to reflect on God experience. We really need the inner-force to make choice or decision to follow Jesus. Through this heart touching reflections you have allowed us to follow Jesus personally and lead others too to Jesus.

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