Summary: John 1:35-43 theaches us the importance of sharing with others what we have known about Jesus

Just as John the Baptist did, so must we. Pointing others to Jesus is a task we all are called to do.

Sharing Jesus with others.

What should we share about Jesus?

I. Jesus is the Lamb of God. (v.36) Behold the Lamb of God.

* Jesus is the perfect sacrifice for our sin.

* Jesus gave his blood to reconcile us with God.

* Jesus is without sin.

II. People are searching. (v.38) "What do you seek?"

* People are searching for Jesus, but we have failed to point them to Jesus.

* People are searching for Jesus, in the wrong places.

* People are searching for Jesus, but are not willing to committ into a relationship.

III. One must be willing to stay with Jesus. (v.39) and remained with Him that day.

* Andrew and the other disciple, were searching and because John the Baptist was willing to point them to Jesus they were able to:

* Meet Jesus.

* Stay with Jesus.

* Listen to Jesus.

* Get to know Jesus.

IV. Once you have known Jesus, is something you will share with others. (v.40-41) Andrew found his own brother.

* Andrew told Simon about whom he had found, about what he had heard, and about whom he had know.

* The Messiah. (the one whom is able to take away the sins of the world).

* He brought him to Jesus, introduce him to Jesus.


We need to be ready to point out to people that Jesus is the Lamb of God.

We need to be on the look out for people that are searching for Jesus.

We need to help them to stay with Jesus.

We need to be sharing what we have found about Jesus.

Let me ask you, Do you know where will you spend eternity if you die today?

Jesus is the Lamb of God, who takes away your sin.

If you repent from your sins and accept His sacrifice at the cross and believe in Him as your Lord and Savior the bible says that you recieve eternal life.


If you have know the Lord for quiet some time but have not been able to point others to Jesus, and would like to make a commitment with the Lord today. Ask Him to help you see the many diferent ways you could be sharing what you have discover about Jesus with those that are searching.

In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.

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