Summary: John 4:1-10 teaches us a method used by Jesus to share the good news

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, your life is a living testimony to the world.

Through the scriptures we find several examples from which we can learn how we could share God’s message; in today’s reading we find a very good example from Jesus on sharing.

Here we find many valuables lessons, but today we will focus on "the method" used by Jesus to share His message. We also will be learning how to apply this methods, so we can be effective in our sharing of the message.

The method:

I. Jesus was dedicated. (v.4) He needed to go...

* Jesus had a need - a spiritual need to go.

* Jesus had a passion.

* Jesus was intentional.

* Jesus found an strategic place (v.6) Jacob’s well.

We need to be dedicated as Jesus, we need to have that urge to go and find an strategic place. (it could be our home, place of work, school etc).

II. Jesus created an interest. (v.7) water...

* Jesus took advantage of the existing need. (both wanted water).

* We need to be able to relate to people’s needs:

Some basics needs are:

1. Need to love and be loved.

2. Need to feel safe.

3. Need to overcome an addiction.

We need to learn to take advantage of our life experiences so we can connect with the people in need of Jesus.

III. Jesus listen the woman.

* Jesus did not condemed the woman.

* Jesus confronted her sin.

* Jesus listen to the woman.

* Jesus told her something positive, (v.18) spoke truly.

As Jesus, we need not to condem people, we need to confront their sins but not attack the sinner, we need to learn to be quick to listen and slow to talk.

IV. Jesus focus himself in the message. (v.21) Jesus said to her...

* Jesus maded it a point not to talk about religion.

* Jesus did not wasted time.

* Jesus told the woman salvation is about a relationship.

* He delivered His message.

As Jesus, we must focus ourselfs in delivering the message, lets not get involve in foolish talk, lets not waste time and share the message.


We need to be dedicated as Jesus.

We need to be able to create an interest in the gospel.

We need to be able to listen to the people.

We need to focus on delivering the message.

Perhaps you are here today, at this Jacob’s well... but have not trusted in Jesus for forgiveness of your sins and to receive the hope of eternal life. You came here looking because you are thirsty. He wants to give you from His water.

Repent from you sins, and pray with me...

Perhaps you are here today and have been a believer for a while but have not been commited in sharing the message of your life, pointing people to Jesus.

Would you like to pray and ask God to help you to do kingdom work?

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