Summary: The woman with the alabaster box demonstrates a true spirit of worship.


While Jesus was having a meal in Bethany at the house of Simon the Leper, the scribes and chief priest were plotting to put Jesus to death.

a. It was a time of hostility towards Jesus

b. There is hostility towards Jesus today as well!

1. His Word

2. His miracles

3. His Kingdom

4. His message

c. Many attack Jesus' influence in the world.

1. they try to take the manger out of Christmas

2. they try to take the cross out of Christianity

3. they try to take the 10 Commandments out of the law

4. they try to take His Word out of schools

5. they try to take the name of Jesus out of prayer

d. During the time of hostility, there will be those who will

lift and honor the name of Jesus!!

e. This woman honored Jesus by doing all she could and her worship

filled the whole house with fragrance!

1. An Unlikely Source - "She"

a. She was a woman-no rights, priviledges, or influence during

Jesus' day, yet she worshipped Jesus.

b. She had a past-she had seven devils in her past, yet she gave

Jesus her best.

2. An Unlikely Action - "Hath Done"

a. She did something-broke the alabaster box for Jesus

b. She gave something-she poured it on Jesus

3. An Unlikely Amount - "What"(or all)

a. a box of spikenard-$132, a year's wage, expensive gift

b. a gift of life-was it for her burial? symbolized the gift of

her life unto Jesus

4. An Unlikely Power - "She Could"

a. an individual gift-it was what she alone could do

b. an uncomparable gift-her gift was not compared to the gifts of


5. An Unlikely Commendation - "A Memorial"

a. her gift became a testimony to Jesus

b. her gift was forever connected to the Gospel

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