Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is the 6th sermon in the "Christmas Surprises" series. This sermon looks at shepherds.

Sunday Morning December 23, 2001 Bel Aire Baptist Church

Series: Christmas Surprises [#6]


Luke 2:1-20


1. We have found many “Christmas Surprises” over the last several weeks. We discovered that the Messiah had been anticipated since Eve’s curse for sinning. The prophet Isaiah foretold His coming. Jesus’ mother became pregnant while still a virgin and Joseph instead of killing her took her as his wife as the angel had instructed. This of King of Kings came from a genealogy full of prostitutes, murderers, foreigners of Israel, and all other sorts of sinners.

2. The surprises don’t end here. As you read God’s word you will find a lot of surprises.

3. Now just 2 days away from Christmas, I want us to identify a working class of people found in the Christmas Story and how this group of people can give us some “pointers” on being more like the One Who was born and died for us.

4. Turn with me to Luke 2:1-20.

The Shepherd Boy [David] (Luke 2:4)

David’s Occupation

In Luke 2:4 we find that Jesus was from the line of David.

We all remember David mainly as being a king who had an affair with Bathsheba and had her husband killed. We also remember how he killed Goliath and that God said David was a man after His own heart, but do you remember what David did as a boy? He was a shepherd for his father. It is interesting to see how God used this young man’s secular work experience to lead His people.

Duties Of A Shepherd

1. The shepherd has to lead the sheep to food and water.

2. The shepherd has to protect the sheep (1 Samuel 17:34-37).

3. The shepherd has to go find the sheep if they are lost.

God’s Use Of David’s Occupation

Psalm 78:70-72 tells us that God took David from herding sheep to shepherding a nation.

Lesson #1: God takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary.

God used David’s experience as a shepherd to lead a nation.

How is God using your life?

The Shepherds (Luke 2:8-20)

The Shepherd’s Reaction

What an amazing experience! Angels appear to the shepherds. Why shepherds and not the religious leaders?

What I want us to notice is that in verses 15-16 the shepherds do not hesitate. They say, “Let’s go now! Not tomorrow. Not later. Let’s go!”

They were in a hurry to seek out the Savior.

Once they found the Savior and visited with His parents, they returned to their work, but they returned as changed people. The result of that change in their lives was that they glorified and praised God.

Lesson #2: Seek the Savior + Find the Savior=Being changed forever and praising God.

The Good Shepherd (Luke 2:11, John 10:1-18)

Who Is The Good Shepherd?

As we read in Luke 2:11, we see that the Savior had been born. Jesus was born in the city of a shepherd boy turned king who was also in His family tree. Then shepherds came to see Him and worshipped Him.

This Christ, later on in His life, said that He came to this earth to seek and to save what was lost. That sounds like a shepherd to me. Could the Savior of the world be a shepherd?

Let’s read Matthew 9:35-36. Jesus states that these people needed a shepherd and if you will now turn to John 10:1-18 we will see that Jesus becomes that shepherd.

Duties Of The Good Shepherd

1. He leads us to (spiritual) food and (spiritual) water.

2. He protects us to the point that He gave His own life to save the sheep.

3. He will go find the lost sheep, even if there is only one (Luke 15:3-7).

Lesson #3: Jesus is the Shepherd we should be following. He always provides for and protects His sheep.


1. It is amazing to me how God uses ordinary things and makes them extraordinary.

2. Is the Good Shepherd, your shepherd?

3. Jesus gave His life for you and He would have done that even if you were the only one.

4. I can say this morning as the Psalmist did… (Read Psalm 23).

5. Can you say this morning, “The Lord is my shepherd?”

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