Summary: Exposition regarding 1 Cor 3:10-17 about rewards and losses and destruction to those harming the church

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Text: 1 Corinthians 3:10-17, Title: Shell Out the Big Bucks, Date/Place: NRBC, 8/15/10, AM

A. Opening illustration: either building a house in Maine, or cheating in the US

B. Background to passage: Again, undermining their divisiveness, he says that not only is this foolishness to the world, not impressive to the world, not the true wisdom of God in Christ, not only is this carnal, culpable, but it is costly. Here he reminds them of their accountability before God as individuals, and as a church body. And he also brings into the discussion, rewards and loss and the bema seat of Christ.

C. Main thought: in this text we will see the costs of building, and that we must “take heed” how we do it

A. Foundation is Exclusive, Free, & Secure (v. 10-11)

1. Notice that Paul’s laying of the foundation is “according to grace” not of his own efforts; this is key as he must be careful when giving instruction on works and rewards, in order to avoid a willpower religious system. Also note that he used the “wise” to link back to the wisdom discussion. Also notice that Paul didn’t design the foundation, but simply laid it, for it was designed in eternity past by God Himself. Remember Paul is trying to leave the impression that this is all not about him, but about Christ. And that foundation, Jesus Christ, is eternal, steadfast, and unshakable! And there is no other lasting foundation. He is the Rock, the Chief Cornerstone,

2. Isa 28:16, Matt 7:24-27, 21:42-44, 1 Pet 2:4-8, Ps 127:1,

3. Illustration: Leaning tower of Pisa, 1174, 18 feet out of straight now, Had an interesting conversation about historical theology and the use of Trinitarian language among the church fathers, and afterward as I was researching and contacting a few experts, one reminded me that “Our authority does not rest with the early church fathers but with Scripture,” I heard the story of a boat that sank. One crewman was able to escape by swimming to a huge rock that was immovable against the waves. Trembling, the poor crewman clung to it. Soon the crewman was rescued by another passing boat. The sailors asked him if the crewman was afraid while hanging on to the rock. He replied: "Yes, I trembled with fear, but the rock didn't!" tell about the family member and Tom Spampinato subverting the obvious commands of scripture.

4. He is speaking to the church as a whole and the individuals in it, and primarily to the leaders who are building the church. Ultimately it is Christ who said he would build his church. Exclusive gospel. Can’t build it on church teaching, tradition, rules, rituals, councils, leaders, good deeds, or false gods, but Christ alone. All other foundations will crumble. The church is built on the foundation of Christ with Christ as its head. Remember that Paul is dealing with division in the body, and so he is saying that this is the foundation that they/we are all founded on—the gospel. Our church and our lives are founded on the gospel, and nothing else. We must learn to discern the things that are gospel importance and let the other things go. We have a choice to make as to what foundation our lives are built on. Choose Christ, hear His words, submit and obey, and let His instructions lead us. This foundation will never fail us as a church, or you as a believer.

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