Summary: Do you desire to see God?

Shew Us Thy Glory

Exodus 33: 12-18

Glory belongs to God (Isaiah 42:8) As light to the sun; water to the sea; heat to the desert; cold to the arctic; clouds to the sky; and stars to the night sky.

In the Old Testament God's glory was likened to:

Shekinah Glory

Fire by night

Cloud by day

Rainbow to Ezekiel

Cloud over the canvas city

In the New Testament God's glory is likened to:

The revelation of God (Christ)

Baptism of the Holy Ghost

God has always intended to have an intimate relationship with his creation. Sin has separated man from his maker. There have been constant provisions made however for divine reconciliation.

On a national level, the stand our nation and others have taken against Israel will sever the covenant with God for mercy. Also the ratification of such perversion as same sex marriage, partial birth abortion, removal of prayer from school, removal of Christ from school, court rooms, and the White House will have the same negative effect. (Psalms 9:17)

Glory has been appropriated by God for men. There are no denominational barriers with God's glory. Some denominations have traded the fresh anointing of heaven for the foul air of formalism. (Matthew 5:9 & 27:51)

Materialism is choking the life out of the church of the living God. The church has become and enterprise that generates multiplied millions of dollars annually. Feeding the poor, clothing the naked, and erecting majestic cathedrals housing only the glory of the local bishop. Devoid of fire from heaven, bread of life, and power with God. Church is being used as a tax write off and no longer a time of communion with God. (Luke 16:13 & Mark 7:6)

Gods departing glory did not hasten to leave the people.

He left the temple

He stopped at the gate

He left the city and went to the mountain

He departs to Heaven

God allowed his glory to linger for spans of time in each of these places. God will never hasten to leave his people. It is the presence of continued and unrepeated sin that will grieve the spirit of God into departure. Contrary to the idea that God is flighty and is always leaving his people; he is always seeking desperately for repentance and reasons to stay.

In the process of time there arose another generation that knew not God. Along with this thought we must remember that this is not the generation that grieved and offended God. They didn't backslide! The generation that is rising to church leadership in America is not the one responsible for backsliding; contrariwise they are the ones the will experience the re visitation of God's divine Glory.

God has always given each generation their own revival. The time is now for youth to go after the the Glory.

God's glory has resided in numerous places. The house of Dagon, the house of Obededum, and the most Holy place of the temple. Though God's glory has had a revolving residency, it has never once been homeless. At the point that priest, households, denominations, and nations became disqualified to house the glory; God always had another home waiting in the wings.

In the old testament the Ark of the Covenant was the actual house for God's Glory. Inside was the following things:

Pot of Manna- this signified the daily presence of Gods provision in times of need

Aaron's Rod- this signified that lives no matter how broken could be fruitful in God's kingdom.

Ten Commandments- this signified God's enduring law as well as his mercy. This was the second set of tables because sin destroyed the first set.

In the new testemant God destroyed the temple thus moving the seat or house of his glory to the temple of our body. Our bodies are now the temple of the Holy Ghost. When the veil of the temple was rent by the finger of God, it exposed over one thousand years of hypocrisy. Priest only going through the motinos. No ark, no sacrifice, no mercy seat, and no glory. God is looking diligently for a church or individual heart that will be pleased to house his glory.

The process of losing God's glory is a painful one. The results of a lost glory or a misplaced glory has far reaching results. Ichabod bore the shame and reproach of sins he didn't commit for a lifetime. If the modern day church age allows the glory to be lost we may not have enough time to retrieve it.

At some point between Ezekiels vision and my generation the glory has been lost. As with the priest who were living under the cover of robes of righteousness and covering gross hypocrisy, many today have a form of Godliness but are denying the power thereof. (I Timothy 3:5)

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