Summary: An Order of Service and Talks for an all Age Service on "Shining like stars" and "holding out the word of life". All about consistent Christian conduct and witness. Email me for PowerPoint if you want.

Listed here:

1) Complete order of service, and then below that

2) Talks

3) Drama for "Actions speak louder than words"


Shine like stars! Philippians 2:14-16

Order of service for All Age Worship, Sun 26th Feb 2006


1) to communicate that our actions & attitudes (what we say and do) affect who we are which in turn affects our witness. So, not complaining and arguing helps us become blameless and pure (not vice-versa!) which means that we shine out and witness for God.

2) To praise God and have fun!

Songpro- Feast 06 promo video clip playing as people come in

Songpro – show PPT1 during:

Notices/welcome- Ewen


Praise- Adrian

Over all the earth, you reign on high

Let everything that has breath + offering

Just let me say how much I love you

Prayers of praise (from young and old)


“Becoming blameless and pure”

Songpro: Video Clip1 - ‘The Incredibles’ from 16’27”, arguing round the table. Tot 2’25”

Songpro- show PPT 2 during:

Reading: Phil 2:14-16. Becky Baker


Mini talk 1- Ewen (see talks notes)

How do you become blameless and pure? By your attitude and actions. What you do affects who you are (not so much the other way around). “So that you may become…” Acts of the will mould the personality. People who consciously don’t argue or complain become pure people (more than nice people automatically don’t argue). If we are like a pressure cooker- moaning only momentarily releases the pressure- what it really does is compound the problem and add fuel to the fire, goods inside the cooker… pressure.

God’s word is good psychological sense.

Why do this?- because you are children of God, and you want to show the family likeness more


“Do everything without complaining” - Adrian/Ewen

“May the words of my mouth”

Prayer- that we may watch our actions and attitudes so we may become more like Christ- A young person (Ewen to get?)


Youngest kids leave

“Shining like stars”

Video clip 2- Communication- German Berlitz advert

game/video/ drama etc- Ewen/Adrian showing that how you ACT as a person speaks louder than words. Maybe something along the lines of how much communication is non verbal (ie say one thing but show another with your body language and it’s the body language that speaks!)


Mini talk 2- Ewen (see talks notes)

If you work at being like this three things will happen. 1) you will stand out against this dark world (and Christians SHOULD be different!) 2) you will shine like stars 3) this will effectively be a witness –. You will be holding out the word of life (in being a message and holding out the message. “Would any of you like LIFE?”)

“Share the gospel at all times. If necessary use words”. Actions speak louder than words. You don’t speak the message- you ARE the message



I reach up high

God’ people (superheros)

Prayer- Adrian. That our lives may shine out and be magnetic to others


Mini- talk 3 – Ewen (on talks notes, but no PPT until Feast promo)

Feast is a way we can ‘hold out the word of life’

Feast Promotion- Ewen

Brief prayer for Feast - Ewen


Closing songs

Here I am, wholly available

He is the Lord, and He reigns on high

Blessing & challenge to receive prayer- Ewen

11am close


Shine like stars- talks.

Mini- talk 1- becoming blameless and pure- start PPT 3

So- how do you shine like a star for Jesus? (PPT "shine like stars")

¢ become blameless and pure! (PPT "Blameless and pure")

Ewen wait for two pictures to appear

How do you become blameless and pure? (PPT "How?")

¢ it says here: "do everything without complaining or arguing"(PPT)

o by the way you act: your actions and attitudes

o (anyone know what an ’attitude’ is?)(vid clip will auto loop)

o note: written here to adults! Applies to all ages!

Here’s the fantastic thing about God’s word. It tells us some unexpected truths!

- you know- I would have thought it was the other way around!

o that if you were" blameless and pure", then THAT would cause you to ’do everything without complaining or arguing"

o like: really nice people- they are the ones who don’t complain or argue…. and so shine like stars

- but that’s not what this says at all! This says:

o how you ACT makes how you ARE (PPT)

o ’do everything without complaining or arguing’- and that will make you blameless and pure inside! (PPT-’become’)

" your attitudes will build/change who you ARE

" God will make you BECOME a star (PPT)

" rather than- who you are having to dominate how you act

" (makes sense, actually- otherwise we could just say "I can’t help being nasty… complaining.. that’s how I am… God made me". He says don’t complain and it WILL make who you are!")

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