Summary: In this sermon, we learn how to be a good example for others to follow.

Text: 2 Tim 2:14-26

ETS: Paul gives sound advice to young Timothy.

ESS: If we would follow these instructions, our BCM will be transformed from the inside out.

OSS: The BCM will be changed from the inside out.

PQ: What can we do to make this BCM a more effect ministry?

UW: Instructions

Title: Shine Like the Son

I. Watch your mouth (vv14, 16-18, & 23)

a. Avoid preaching at people without a cause (v14)

b. Avoid words that hurt other people (vv16-18)

c. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, keep your mouth shut (v23)

II. Strive to please God (vv15, 19-22)

a. Become very familiar with His word (v15)

b. Rest on the truth that God has given us (v19)

c. Live a pure life so that you can be used (vv20-21)

d. Run the race of life (v22a)

e. Make Christian friends (v22b)

III. Handle your ministry in a way that is constructive (vv24-26)

a. Do argue over truth (v24a)

b. Be gentle to all (v24b)

c. Mature in the faith (v24c)

d. Be Patient (v24d)

e. Correct others with a humble heart (v25a)

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