Summary: When the early church prayed it involved 3 things I ASKING II ANSWERING III. ACTING

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Sun. Jan. 29/95 Acts 4:22-33

Should The Church Pray?


Obituary of Mrs. Prayer Meeting

"Mrs. Prayer Meeting died recently at the

First Neglected Church, on Worldly Ave. Born

many years ago in the midst of great revivals,

she was a strong, health child, fed largely

on testimony and Bible study, soon growing

into world wide prominence, and was one of the

most influential members of the famous Church


"For the past several years Sister

Prayer Meeting has been failing in health,

gradually wasting away until rendered helpless

by stiffness of knees, coldness of heart,

inactivity and weakness of purpose and will

power. At the last she was but a shadow of her

former happy self. Her last whispered words

were inquiries concerning the strange absence

of her loved ones now busy at work and places

of amusements.

"Experts, including Dr. Works, Dr.

Reform, and Dr. Joiner, disagreed as to the

cause of her fatal illness, administering

large doses of organization, socials, contests

and drives but to no avail. A post mortem

showed that a deficiency of spiritual food

coupled with the lack of faith, heartfelt

religion and general support, were

contributing causes, Only a few were present

at her death, sobbing over memories of her

past beauty and power.

"In Honor of her going, the church

doors will be closed on Wednesday nights, save

the third Wednesday night of each month when

the Ladies Pink Lemonade Society serves

refreshments to the men’s handball team."


......couldest not thou watch one hour?


Watch ye and pray, lest

ye enter into temptation. The spirit

truly [is] ready, but the flesh [is]




When the early church prayed it was:

1. Immediate

2. United

3. Believing

4. Worshipful

5. Scriptural

6. Christ Honoring

7. Directed

8. Answered

II ANSWERING - Acts 4:32


a. Prayer Gives Power


1. Power Against Sin

- Heart is purified

- Conscience made sensitive

- Will strengthened

- Soul protected on every side

2. Power Against Backsliding

- Warmth > Sp. Life

- Health > Sp. Life

3. Power Against Slacking

- Sign Christian service a burden

- His yoke is easy

To serve Him is to reign

b. Prayer Gives Life


1. Attitudes Are Changed - Rom.8:6


- Surrender & Submission

- Aspiration & Desire

- Dependence & Trust

- Communion & Fellowship

Enters the hidden life & gives

expression to the attitudes

- Would we be right with God - let us pray

- Would we be true to God - let us pray

- Would we be strong for God - let us pray

2. His Presence Given

- The Peace of His presence - Calming

- The Joy of His presence - Cheering

- The Light of His presence - Guiding

- The Glory of His presence - Sanctifying

3. His Will Known

- As we pray Discernment given

(mark of sp. growth)

- Phip. 1:9

c. Prayer Gives Purpose v.31b


1. Prayer will, bring constant blessing on

our testimony

2. Prayer will take us into deeper

fellowship with God’s purposes for the


III. ACTING v.32-34


- They Believed - One Heart

- One Soul

- Spirit of giving

J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI says "The

spectacle of a nation praying is more

awe-inspiring then the explosion of an atomic

bomb. The force of prayer is greater than any

possible combination of man-made or

man-controlled power because prayer is man’s

greatest means of tapping the infinite

resources of God. Invoking by prayer the mercy

and might of God is our most efficacious means

of guaranteeing peace and security for the

harassed and helpless peoples of earth."

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