Summary: We act as if to prosper is a bad thing. We see someone having success and aren’t happy until something negative happens to them...but lets look at a study on prosperity. Lessons on how you can prosper.

Pray. God’s been working with me on the issue of prosperity story. Talk this morning about “Unlocking 6 Keys of How to prosper. God’s money back guarantee.

Theme text comes from Prov 10:22 but we will spend some time in the books of Genesis, I Chronicles, Job, and Acts.

We act as if to prosper is a bad thing. We see…and aren’t happy…something negative story. I found myself doing the same thing (Disney story). As I thought about it later I realize that I was ashamed to be thought of as one of them….you know..the persons with considerable financial means. Now let me set the record straight…I’m not one of them…would like to be…as God has blessed me exceedingly but I’m not what I wealthy or rich. But why do we react that way as christians? I didn’t grow up to prosper is bad…didn’t define you…1st lets dispell: bad to prosper notion…psyche.

Lets go to our theme text of Proverbs 10:22

And get rid of this hinderance to your..our prosperity.

Theme Text: Proverbs 10:22 “The blessings of the Lord (it didn’t say devil it says the Lord) it (talking about the blessings) maketh rich, and addeth no sorrow with it.

Blessing = prosperity Rich = wealth

We must 1st understand diff types of wealth (health, good relationships, the right relationship and fellowship with God) and these variations a parts of wealth are important to our christian walk. But today we are talking about financial/material wealth. Its not evil…its not bad. Our text says “The blessings of the Lord it maketh rich, and addeth no sorrow with it.

Sorrow means to labor and toil:

Labor = he’s talking about strenuous effort. Strenuous effort…for he says the blessings of the lord will make you prosper…but it’s not a product or result of strenuous effort. It’s not automatic and guaranteed because you work 7 days a week and 18 hrs a day.

Toil = means struggle/worry…so this blessing or blessing will bring increase into your life without struggle/worry.

In other words we could shorten the theme text to “The blessings of the Lord makes rich and toil yields no increase like it brings. I’m saying to you this morning that you can work several full-time jobs and not increase in the world…like the increase that God can give you. A literal translation would be The blessings of the lord brings wealth and this wealth is not accompanied with trouble. How many of you know that there are many ways to accumulate wealth?? If you accumulate wealth in the world…from the world…the bible says that it will bring trouble.

R&B and Rap Charts was “The Mo Money” story.

Many christians accumulate wealth in the world and we don’t have to do it to get increase. How many of us know people who sacrifice their family, integrity, and relationship with god for money?? A lot of us are sacrificing needlessly. The scripture says that The blessings of the lord will make you wealthy (x2) and that it will not make you sorrow. God will not give you a job or send you a job which takes you away from your family. We often hear people say god blessed me with this and that….and and now all of a sudden they can’t spend time in church or with the family.

God’s not gonna send you to a new job were you can’t find a church home. Now you have more money…but no seeding from word in your life. We are being led by money. God won’t bless you with a house that will so stress you that now you can’t tithe. You were tithing before the car and the house….but now after your blessing you can’t tithe. I would say to you that those blessings are not from God…they are from our own decisions influenced by the world…which is bad…bad wealth.

So it would seem that to prosper is bad…but that’s the trap…for it’s not bad. Here is the key…listen up: Wealth or riches is not bad…but they must be obtained from the blessing of the lord. Let me show you from the gospel how the lord has blessed and can bless you. And I would say that if God does it..then it can’t be bad.

We need to be glad about it….I told that I would show you 6 keys to having prosperity. We just dug up the ground…for planting and harvesting prosperity…so now lets get the garden ready for the seeds with the word which will make our soil rype for growing. Lets start by Gen 13:2.

Lets start with Abraham and renew our thinking on prosperity. "Gen 13:2 "An“ Abram was very rich (was what….not just rich….but very rich…with what?) in cattle, in silver, and in gold. Unless you have roots in the country you may can’t identify with the cattle prosperity piece…but we all can grasp onto the silver and gold of this text.

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