Summary: A young boys affection for Western Pictures turns into an illustration of the showdown between David and Goliath. Our Churches are following the scripts of the old serial western films and the characters are identified!

My Father grew up in the early Fifties and like most youngsters Saturday afternoons found him at the theater for the matinee which usually consisted of the great westerns of the time. These westerns have been a part my growing up as well.

My Father’s terminology for a good western movie is a “Barn-Burner.” Now his grandchildren have been exposed to the great “Barn-Burners” and have grown to like them as well. The thing about a good “Barn-Burner” is that they all essentially follow the same plot: The qualities mention below are essential for a good western:

 There is the Hero (The one who stands against evil at all costs)

 The Villain (This one is out to steal away what rightfully belongs to others)

 A cause worth fighting for

 And a clear sense of what is wrong and what is right.

 The good guy, after a hard fought battle, always wins in the end

Now, what I’m leading up to is that a lot of Church’s are following the same plot as the old western movies except the excitement, the suspense, and the play-acting is not welcomed. The Bible provides the clear sense of right and wrong according to the great God of all. The good guys should all be on the same team and not fighting against each other with the things of God as the setting.

We are going to use some characters that are found in the westerns and show how the church is filled with the same type of characters. Though these roles need to be filled in the westerns, they have no place in the House of God. There is coming a showdown, where the good and the wicked will face off, the outcome though has already been decided. God will be the final Judge that all men will have to stand and face one–on one, and no one will be able to stand against Him.

I suppose that my following statement will spark much controversy and I suppose arguments could be made to the contrary. The best of all the Westerns is the classic “High Noon.” Here stood the outgoing Sheriff against the Miller boys who had come to claim vengeance on the town that sent them to prison. He went the town over, even into the Church, to ask for help against the evil that was coming and not a one came to his aid. At the stroke of Noon evil came to Hadleyville, and only one stood against it. The movie won award after award for it’s writing but it was taken directly out of the Bible! Let us read 1 Samuel 17:

The Sidekicks, Scalawags, Sidewinders, and Skunks:1 Samuel 17:11

Those who play bit parts but are important to the plot. Good or bad they must fulfill their roles to make the story complete.

 Sidekicks: Those who are the comic relief to the good guy. Most often they are a source of hindrance to the hero and get in more trouble than they can get out of by themselves. (Gehazi) 2 Kings 5:20

 Low Down Back shooters: Those who talk about the Church and its people behind their backs and are cowards in the service of Satan, and a detriment to the work of God. If you are not glorifying God you are in the service of Satan, there is no middle ground. James 4:11

11Speak not evil one of another, brethren. He that speaketh evil of his brother, and judgeth his brother, speaketh evil of the law, and judgeth the law: but if thou judge the law, thou art not a doer of the law, but a judge.

 Nasty Skunks (Varmints): They look pretty but they sure stink when they are confronted. The skunks of the Church show up on Sunday and praise the Lord, Teach in the Sunday schools, Lead the choirs, and even preach from the pulpits. They sure look pretty but if the truth were told and if you could see their lives outside of the House of God they stink to high heaven. The only white part of a skunk is the streak running down it’s back, while the main body is black as night. The Spiritual skunk shows a white (pure) streak, but in truth and deed they are as black hearted as any of the world. Judas looked right, walked right, talked right, but when the time came his true colors came through

 No-Account Bushwhackers: These characters lie in wait in the passes and crossroads and then ambush the heroes at a critical time in the plot. The bushwhackers of the church lie in wait for the passes and crossroads of decisions in the lives of the child of God and ambush and derail the new convert with their poisoned attitudes and selfish behavior.2 Sam 13:3 Jonadab

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