Summary: Don’t let the devil convince you that God doesn’t love you and care for you!


A) There are three facts that we need to reckon with about the devil .......

* One: He is real! * James 4:7 “Submit yourself ...” * 1 Pet. 5:8 “Be sober ...”

* In 2 Cor. 11:14 “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”

* “Transformed” means to transfigure or disguise; transform self; to change.

* If the devil had come to Eve in the Garden of Eden in his true form, no doubt she would have

screamed and fled in fear ... But he came to her in the form of a serpent .......

* Which at that time was the most subtle, most cunning of the beasts of the field!

B) Also, when the devil came to Jesus after His baptism in Matt. 4:1-11 .......

* He appeared as one who had respect for God ... He even quoted Scripture, but not correctly!

* Notice the Bible says he can transform himself into an angel of light!

* Light is the emblem of purity and holiness in the Bible!

* So Paul is saying that Satan takes on the outward appearance of a pure, holy personality!

* But inwardly he is a deadly deceiver and destroyer!

C) By taking on the appearance of purity and holiness, he easily leads men astray!

* We should learn from this ... That the devil is a powerful being, capable of assuming various

forms as he pleases! * He may appear as an angel of light, or a roaring lion, or a destroyer!

* We should never expect Satan to appear in his true form!

* He never shows himself openly as the wicked one, an abominable one, with black character full

of evil, murder and lies!

* If he appeared in this form, he’d defeat what he is attempting to do; namely damn ever soul that

he can to hell! * Yes ... The devil is real!

* A man said to R.A. Torrey one time, “I don’t believe there is a devil.”

* Torrey said, “Try serving God for one day and you’ll change your mind!” * The devil is real!

D) Two: The devil is after God’s people! * How? * Through sickness and suffering ... Job ...

* Peter: Luke 22:31-34 “Simon, Simon, behold Satan hath desired to have you, that he may ...”

* The devil tried to stop Paul many times, but never succeeded till God was through with Paul!

* Three: We are to do battle with him! * Eph. 6:11 “Put on the whole armour of God .......”

* Resist him ... Don’t give in to him ... God will give us victory over the devil!

E) Satan tries to get us believe that God doesn’t care about us and has forgotten us!

* But I’m here to tell the devil, “Shut up devil, God’s just not showed up yet!”

* God is still in control ... Rev. 19:6 says, “Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth.”

* The devil may be powerful, but God is more powerful! * The devil is wise, but God is all wise!

* The devil may be able to pull us down, but God is able to lift us up!

* The devil may be able to tear us apart, but God can put us back together!

* Let’s look at some people in Scripture where it seems that God was not present .......


* John the Baptist has been murdered ... And in v.12 ... * Then in v.13 ... Jesus was crushed!

* But the crowd followed Jesus when they heard of where He was at – v.14 .......

A) That led to the feeding of the 5000 ... v.15-21 ....... * After that ... v.22-23 .......

* v.24 ... The storm came and the waves were tossing the ship ... The disciples were afraid!

* The devil got on Peter’s shoulder and said, Where is Jesus now when you need Him?”

* Peter shouted out, “Shut up devil, God’s just not showed up yet!” * v.25 ... God shows up!

(2) MOSES – EXO. 14! * Moses was sent by God to do a job!

* For many years the children of Israel had been in bondage ... They were slaves to Pharaoh!

* Moses went and gave the message to Pharaoh, “That God said let My people go.”

A) Pharaoh would not take heed to the message from God, so God had to send His wrath!

* Water to blood (magicians). * Frogs in the house. * Lice-man and beast (magicians couldn’t).

* Swarms of flies. * Bad sickness on the cattle (grievous murrain), all cattle died except for

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