Summary: Wonder if you are truly growing in your faith? Here are just a few signs to show that you are.

Matthew 19:21

It is God's desire for each believer to grow and mature in their faith. Just as we expect a baby to grow and mature, so the believer needs to grow and mature spiritually.

Although spiritual growth is not shown on the outside, yet there are some ways to know that a person is growing and maturing in a spiritual sense.

In this message, let us examine 4 of the signs of spiritual growth.

What is a sign of spiritual growth?

1. Compassion for others.

Notice that Jesus tells the man in our text that if he wants to be perfect or spiritually mature, he needs to give up those things that are stopping him from growing, give to the poor or the needy, then follow after Him.

Literally, Jesus is telling us that spiritual growth is oftentimes based upon our ability to relinquish whatever is holding us back, unselfishly give to others, follow Jesus and then you will be on the road to spiritual growth.

2. Love for Others.

According to Paul, as he writes to the Colossians in Colossians 3:14, above all of the characteristics that a believer should show, it is charity or love. Paul will tell us in this verse that love is the bond or the glue holding everything together that reveals the growing Christian.

We may say that we love others, but how many of us would suffer for a stranger or even someone of another faith. Remember Jesus died for the sins of all mankind, and when He died there was no assurance that anyone would believe in Him.

As we would say, Jesus died unconditionally for the sins of the world, and we must come to truly love others, no matter what nationality, religion, or color they may be.

Love makes everything else come together and you become the total package that God needs to reach others with the gospel.

3. Control of our Tongue.

Words are powerful, and the growing believer must come to the point where they understand that they need God's help in all areas of life including what they say to others.

In James 3:2, words offend people quickly, in order to not offend we must spiritually grow, which means we will take time to consider what we say, how we say it, and with what attitude we say it.

Even in the midst of an angry discussion, we must carefully pick our words since our words can adversely affect our testimony.

4. Obedience to God's Word.

It is not enough to simply say concerning the Bible, "I believe every word of this book!"

The spiritually growing and mature believer will show evidence they trust and believe the Bible's message.

In I John 2:5, John reminds us that the person who keeps God's word reveals that the love of God is growing and maturing in a spiritual way in him.

James also shares in James 1:22, that we ought to be doers of God's word and not hearers only. The greatest way to deceive yourself into believing you are pleasing God is to hear the word of God, but do nothing with it that would benefit you or another. Reading the Bible is important, but heeding it is even more important in your life.

James 2:22, shares that the way to show our faith is growing is by works that reveal our love for God. As you will come to see, works is not a means of salvation, but certainly is the evidence of our faith and salvation through and in Jesus Christ.

Conclusion: In conclusion, are you showing these signs of spiritual growth?

If you have to say, no, then you need to do something about it. Ask God to help you as you read His word, then ask for His assistance in heeding it also. Let us all go forth growing in God's word and growing as a person in the serve of Christ. What will you now do with this message?

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