Summary: outline of a sermon showing the signs of the end times given by Jesus to His disciples


MARK 13:1-14

I. Destruction of the temple of Herod

a. destroyed by the Romans

ll. Many shall come in His name to decieve saying I am Christ.

a. Throughout history many have claimed to be Christ decieving many.

b. Today is a time of great profilation of anti-christs.

c. Many are teaching that all religions has a path to God.

lll. Wars and Rumor of wars.

a. Today the wars are increasing and the destruction of war is increasing.

b. But these must be the end is not yet.

IV. Earthquakes, famines, and troubles

a. Beginning of sorrows

V. Hatred of Christians world wide by governments and people.

VI. Gospel preached to all the world.

a. Missionaries

b. radio, tv, tapes, books, and internet

VI. Rebuilding of the temple

a. This must happen before the end

VII. Desolution of the temple

VIII. Conclusion

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