Summary: Signs of the end of the age - Luke chapter 21 verses 5-38 – sermon by Gordon Curley (PowerPoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request


(1). Jesus gave some warnings:

(A). There will be false messiahs (vs 8).

(B). There will be wars (vs 9-10).

(C). There will be natural disasters (vs 10-11).

(D). There will be persecution (vs 12-18).

(E). There will be the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple (vs 20-24).

(2). Jesus gave some commands:

(A). Watch out and Do not be deceived (vs 8).

(B). Watch out and Do not worry (vs 14).

(C). Watch and pray (vs 36).

(3). Jesus gave some promises:

(A). Assistance in witnessing (vs 13-15).

(B). Assurance of life (vs 19).

(C). Awareness of a divine plan (vs 28).



• Isidor Isaac Rabi, was a Nobel prize winner in science,

• A friend once asked him how he became a scientist.

• Isidor replied that every day when he returned home after school,

• His mother would talk to him about his school day.

• Interestingly, she wasn’t so much interested in what he had learned that day,

• But she always asked him; “Did you ask a good question today?”

• Isidor said, “Asking good questions made me become a scientist.”

• In this passage before us,

• The disciples in verse 7 ask two good questions regarding the end of the age.

• “When will these things happen?”

• “What will be the sign that they are about to take place?”


• On Wednesday I was in London and walked past, Buckingham Palace,

• (Joke: I was going to pop in for a cup of tea with Liz, but I was in a bit of a hurry!)

• As you would expect,

• There were hundreds of tourists outside photographing this magnificent building!

• It is a tourist a tourist magnet,

• That attracts people to it from all over the world.

• TRANSITION: At the time of Jesus, the temple in Jerusalem had that same effect,

• It was one of the great buildings of the world.

• It dominated the city and its golden walls meant it could be seen for miles around.

• In verse 5: the disciples draw the attention of Jesus to the wonder of the building.

• In verse 6: Jesus stuns his disciples by telling them its days were numbered!

• For the disciples this building looked like it will stand forever,

• But Jesus says to them, it will soon be history!

• The reaction by the disciples to that news is too ask two questions:

• Verse 7a: “When will these things happen?”

• Verse 7b: “And what will be the sign that they are about to take place?”


• Keep in mind as we read these verses:

• That this is not an all-inclusive teaching on end times,

• Rather it is selective

• Jesus shows us only a broad-brush painting of the end times.

• Other New Testament writers will later add more specific information,

• About the Rapture of the church, the Tribulation, and the millennial kingdom.

• So, this is not an all-inclusive teaching on end times, rather it is selective:

• It is a message to Jews by a Jew about the future of the Jewish nation.

• But please don’t sit there and think, “this is not relevant to me”.

• Because it contains many applications for us as Christians today.

I want to divide the passage into three sections:

Section 1: Jesus Gave Some Warnings.


• At the moment we are being warned about the Corona virus.

• A week or two ago we were being warned about the severe weather.

• Wherever you look you will find warning signs,

• Here are a few genuine warning signs that amused me.

• TRANSITION: Warning signs,

• There is nothing funny in the warnings that Jesus shares with the disciples here.

(A). There will be false messiahs (vs 8).

• There will be false messiahs.

• So, Jesus warns us not be misled.


• Story told of an old sailing ship.

• One day the ships captain caught one of his crew drunk and asleep on duty.

• The sailor begged the Captain not to record the incident in the ships log.

• As it would reflect badly on his character.

• Despite his desperate pleadings.

• The Captain insisted that the sailor record it in the ships log.

• Reluctantly the sailor had to record in the ships log, ‘Seaman Smith was drunk today’.

• Annoyed at the Captain, the seaman plotted his revenge.

• He recorded in the ships log these words, “The Captain was not drunk today”.

• It was true, but of course, it was also misleading!

• Those words out of context, gave a wrong insight into the character of the captain.

TRANSITION: Jesus said in verse 8 do not be mislead:

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