Summary: Be on your guard against counterfeit Christians. (Powerpoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request – email:

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(1). These false teachers were rebellious (vs 10)

(2). These false teachers were deceptive talkers (vs 10)

(3). These false teachers were carnal & worldly (vs 12)

(4). These false teachers were upsetting other Christians (vs 11b)

(5). These false teachers were wrongly motivated (vs 11b)

(6). These false teachers were corrupted (vs 15)

(7). These false teachers were to be silenced (vs 11):



• A grandmother was looking after her two little grandchildren;

• A 7-year-old girl, and a 5-year-old boy.

• Both of them had been really naughty.

• But as the time approached for their mother to pick them up,

• The little girl said to her grandmother, "Are you going to tell Mummy?"

• The grandmother replied, "No, I'm not. But if she asks me, I can't tell a lie."

• The little boy looked up to her and said,

• "Why not? I'm only five, and I can lie great."

In the early Church it did not take very long for false teachers to arise:

• Wherever God sows the truth;

• The enemy will quickly show up and start sow lies.

• Titus faced a formidable enemy;

• The false teaching was a mixture of Jewish legalism;

• i.e. the need to keep certain Old Testament practices; e.g. Circumcision & dietary laws.

• Man-made traditions (i.e. unwritten rules & regulations of men)

• And mysticism (i.e. additional knowledge – special insights you don’t have)

• i.e. Today – Book of Mormon, Watchtower interpretation, Mary Baker Eddy etc.

• These false teachers are basically saying faith in Christ is not enough;

• You need these other additions if you are going to be really wise.

• They were teaching you need more than Christ & more than grace if you want to be saved.

• Paul gave Titus some revealing information about these false teachers;

• Four things to note.

(1). These false teachers were rebellious (vs 10):

“For there are many rebellious people”

• These false teachers were unruly, refusing to put themselves under authority.

• ill: Like disloyal soldiers in the army who refused to obey the word of command.

A healthy Church does not seek to impose a uniformity of belief:

• There are many issues in which we might have opposing views.

• BUT there are certain key truths;

• That a person must believe if he is to be considered a Christian.

• This are non-negotiable, they are essentials;

• They are what set Christians apart from the cults & sects.


• On the radio this morning:

• They were talking about the two key opposition opponents to Barack Obama;

• In the 2012 presidential election,

• The two main opponents are both Mormons;

• The Radio presenter said that the Mormons feel they are a persecuted minority;

• After a spokesmen said, they are Christians they believe in the resurrection of Jesus.

• The fact they deny rest of the Christian creed about Christ was overlooked!

• There are a number of key doctrines that are essentials;

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