Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: What you need or want just be patient and wait on God to call you.

You remember last lesson we talked about David and how he defeated Goliath.

David helped us learn how to defeat our giants. You remember?

- Face them head on

- Get to the head of the problem

- Be brave no matter what the circumstances or situation looks like

- Do not be scared

- Keep your focus on Jesus, rather than your giants

- Talk up Jesus more than your problems

In today’s lesson I want to ask you a question.

Have you ever waited by the phone in expectations of a phone call?

Have you ever been waiting to hear back from a job application and you waited by the phone all day and never got a call back?

Have you ever waited to hear back on whether you got approved for the deal on a new house and the phone never rang?

- You know how we do, even though we have caller ID, you be like I cannot talk, I got to go, I am waiting on an “important” call.


- Or if we do answer, “Hello, no umm hmm, hey listen, I got to go, I am waiting on a call”

- Even though we have two-way calling we got to keep that line clear.

Then do you remember the pain you felt when the call never came?

Do you remember how you felt when the phone never rang?

Your mind starts running and saying what happen, Why didn’t they call, what did I do wrong? It seems as if our whole world is turned upside down.

But I want to let you know that when we do not get the call of the world we cannot be messed up.

- When the worldly job, house or position do not come for you do not get down,

dismayed, distressed and distraught

- When your new husband do not come beating your door down keep your head up

- When the kids not acting right keep your heads up

- When money is funny and money is not coming to you, do not give up

- When problems of the world always call, but the solutions do not come with them, it is ok

I am trying to hook this thing up with the text. Well let me try like this.

Here in our text today we find Samuel; Samuel is on his way to Jesse’s house.

Now let’s recall in Chapter 15 Samuel is the prophet that had been told by God to anoint a king, and the king he was told to anoint was Saul.

Go back with me and remember Israel had not had a king for over 3 centuries (since Joshua) that was 300 years that the people had been dry and without a king.

Anyone in here dry today? Anyone without a king?

So Saul is an anointed king and right off the bat he screws up, right off the bat he makes God upset. So upset that God regrets that he made him king.

(You might ask how did he do that)…well I’LL tell you.

Saul was supposed to go take out the Amalekites. He was told to kill and destroy everything, but instead of doing that, he saved the spoils of war and saved the king who was named Agag. In other words he kept the good stuff and basically did what he wanted to do.

So God let Samuel know what Saul had done and how he regret making him king and Samuel approached Saul and Saul tries to explain his actions, but realizes he was wrong.

- So over in chpt 15:22 Samuel tells Saul to obey is better than sacrifice.

So Saul has grieved the Lord and therefore he sends Samuel to appoint a new king.

Thus this is how we find Samuel enroute to Jesse’s house.

Now when he gets to Jesse’s house he was instructed to bring the oil and God will let him know which one of Jesse’s boys is to be the new king.

Now you would think with all this going on, that when Samuel gets to David’s house that God would have already dropped a little something on David’s heart and mind and would have him ready.

- I mean you know how we do; we want God to give us advance notice

- We want God to send a prophet a head of the prophet

- We want God to already have given us a dream; you know a little heads up

- We expect God to be like Little Caesars, Hot-N-Ready when we drive up.

Where does the prophet find David when he comes up? In the field working, doing what he supposed to be doing.

He was not waiting by the phone for it to ring, he was not standing around wondering if this is my time nor was he saying, am I the one. He was in his place, doing what he supposed to do. (Somebody needs to hear this word today)

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