Summary: While Moses and Jesus had similar life backgrounds, their ministries were different.

A Threatened Monarch

A. Pharoah

B. Herod the Great (the half-breed)

An Impending Infanticide

A. Drowning infant males

B. Killing infant males

A Young Guardian

A. Miriam watches after Moses

B. Mary, whose Hebrew name is Miriam, watches after Jesus

An Egyptian Hiding Place

A. Moses among the bulrushes in the Egyptian Nile

B. Jesus exiled in Egypt

A Royal Pedigree

A. Moses reared in the household of Pharoah

B. Jesus, in a pre-existent life, lived in the courts of Heaven as Prince

A Maligned Childhood

A. Gossip surrounded the origins of Moses in the Egyptian court.

B. Gossip surrounded the origins of Jesus in the Jewish province.

Jealous Siblings

A. Aaron and Miriam were jealous of Moses’ authority and leadership.

B. The half-brothers of Jesus did not understand Jesus’ power nor His calling.

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