Summary: A look at the causes that resulted in Solomon’s slow slide down sin’s slippery slope.

Passage: 1 Kings 11:1-13

Intro: The collapse of the bridge in Minnesota has everyone scrambling for the “why?”

1. happens every time there is a disaster.

PP) Challenger disaster.

2. leak in a fuel tank caused by cold weather at launch.

3. we are a little less concerned about disasters in someone’s life.

4. and yet these disasters can be very instructive, because we are prone to the same mistakes that caused the meltdown.

5. the Bible is full of examples, good and bad.

6. today we look at Solomon, a man who did some great things, but some things that caused great harm to him and the nation of Israel.

7. but we will look at the why, not just the what, so we can walk in positive, joyful paths.

8. here are the errors in judgment that Solomon, the wisest man in the world, made.

I. Solomon Refused to Let Scripture Put Limits on His Wisdom.

1. there is a very interesting verse in Ecclesiastes.

PP Ecclesiastes 4:9

2. Solomon had been given great wisdom by God. It was legendary.

3. but even early in his reign as king, he showed a tendency to ignore Scripture warnings and prohibitions.

PP Deuteronomy 12:2

PP Deuteronomy 12:5-6

4. the prohibition was clear, and yet Solomon clearly worshipped at the “high places” all through his reign.

PP 1 Kings 3:2-3

5. early on, Solomon showed this tendency to walk with God half-heartedly.

6. he was not fooled into it, because he was wise.

7. but he depended on his wisdom more than he depended on God’s revealed Word.

8. I wonder if in his wisdom, he thought that he did not need God’s word.

9. certainly his actions indicate that He believed he was above such laws and warnings.

Il) driving on twisting mountain roads, constant “speed limit sign” for the curve ahead. I consider them advisory at best, because my superior skill means I can easily go 20 mph faster. (don’t try this at home)

10. Solomon had the tabernacle, the ark of the covenant, but he was “skilled enough” to handle worship at the high places.

Il) “I know the Bible warns about dangers of alcohol, but I can control myself. I know it warns about the pursuit of earthly riches, but I can handle it.”

11. simple application. If your “wisdom” prompts you to an action that God prohibits or warns against, listen to God!

12. next week, we will see an amazing Scripture written by this very Solomon late in his life that will elevate Scripture.

II. Solomon Loved What God Prohibited

1. after this wondrous summary of God’s grace to Solomon in 1 Kings 10, the hammer falls in chapter 11

2. the dreaded “however” appears in v1

3. “loved” many foreign women, even though God has specifically forbid marriage to them, and for good reason!

4. v2, “…they will surely turn your hearts after their gods.”

5. in spite of this clear prohibition and warning, Solomon was overwhelmed by love for them.

6. in the Greek language, there are four words for “love”

7. In Hebrew, only one. So it has to stand for all kinds of love.

8. in Deuteronomy, 7 times the Israelites are told to “love the Lord your God”. Same word.

9. but the same word is used to describe lust, affection for an object.

Il) if I was a Hebrew, I would use the same word to describe my love for chocolate cake as for loving God.

10. but the object of the love shows what kind of love is being described.

11. Solomon “loved” 1000 women. Is that possible in a godly sense?

PP Ecclesiastes 2:8

12. he was so enamored with these women and what they gave to him that he was blind to the cost.

13. just as God had warned, they led him into idolatry.

14. v4-8 describes a terrible scene of the very worst forms of idolatry.

15. Molech especially awful, involved sacrificing your first born in the fire.

16. of course, worship other gods typically sexual in nature. Certainly Ashtoreth was

17. in language of today, I think it quite clear that Solomon was a sexual addict.

18. addiction by its nature is the pursuit of satisfaction through something that does not have the capacity to satisfy.

Il) if someone has to have 1000 women, it should be clear that they cannot satisfy.

19. marriage designed by God as a deeply complementary the fulfilling relationship between one man and one woman.

20. can’t be “one” with 1000 women, or 2!

21. or between t 2 men or 2 women.

22. in Solomon’s case, he got what he wanted, (sex) and the women got what they wanted, (security) but there was no real relationship.

Il) just had 32nd anniversary. The relationship we have is incredibly fulfilling, full of shared experiences, joys, sorrow, relationships.

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