Summary: This was Paul’s cry to the Romans, and it is his cry to us. Are you ready to listen, learn, and be launched for Jesus?

PAUL the apostle is important in the New Testament because he wrote almost half of it (13 of 29 books). The letters of Paul start with Romans and ends Philemon. Our focus for this series is with Romans. Paul wasn’t sure that he himself would ever reach Rome, yet it was paramount that the Church at Rome hear his message from God.

The book of Romans is a comprehensive panoramic view of real Christian truth. The book of Romans is written for all of us, whether we are Sinners, Skeptics, or Saints. We were and are sinners still today; we are just forgiven sinners if we have Jesus as our Master. Most of us still maintain our skeptic status by questioning the word of God. We say that we believe it to be His inerrant word, but we don’t fully believe it. If we did, we would be more like Paul. And finally, many of us are improving saints. By this, I mean we are becoming more and more obedient to our Master. So it is my humble opinion that we will always be in all of these categories in one way or another until that day we stand before our Lord and Master, not as sinners, not as skeptics, but by His righteousness a completed saint.

Theme: God wants all of us to listen, learn, and then launch into service for His Kingdom, here and hereafter.

1. The Choice

a.What did Paul choose?

(1). Paul chose slavery.

(2). His master was now Jesus.

(3). His total existence was for the master.

(4). He had neither will nor ambition than that of

the master.

b.When did Paul choose slavery?

(1). After his salvation.

(2). After his encounter with the truth as revealed

by Jesus.

(3). After he realized that being a slave to Jesus

was the highest of all honors he could hold.

c.Why did Paul choose slavery?

(1). Plain and simple, he loved Jesus more than

others, and even more than himself.

2. The Call

a.Paul was ready for the call.

b.He was receptive to the call.

c.He was responsive to the call.

3. The Commission

a.Paul embarked on God’s mission.

b.He was empowered by the Holy Spirit.

c.He emphasized the message, the Good News of Jesus


4. Paul said that he was called by God to be an


5. He was not an apostle because it was his idea, not because he met all of the qualifications, and definitely not because others encouraged him.

6. Paul was an apostle because God called him and he replied “Yes Lord!”

7. God has also called you to His service, for His purpose, and for His glory.

Theme: God wants all of us to listen, learn, and then launch into service for His Kingdom, here and hereafter.

Final point: It is your choice to answer God’s call and carryout His commission. What is your answer to Him today? It that you final answer?

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