Summary: This passage talks about misunderstanding developed by Joseph on Mary. Misunderstanding could have spoiled the plan of God. Many Godly people give place for Satan to use them and destroy the ministry. Real understanding of the Scripture brings joy to all

First Advent Sunday

Mathew 1:18-25


After the period of 400 dark years, the Lord sent good news to Mary that he would be born in her womb. But Satan tried his level best to destroy the plan of God by bringing dis honor to this couple by separating them. However Joseph listen to the voice of God and obeyed, therefore there was great joy among the nations. Understand God' will and do the best for Him. The Passage from Mathew 1:18-25 is bringing a great inspiration about the problems of the Church and how to overcome it by the Scriptures and by the Holy Spirit.

v.18-19. Sins of the Saints:

Joseph and Mary were good God fearing people of the Davidic descendants. Mary was pure Virgin. Joseph was just and righteous. The rarest combination of true couple. Most of the families lack this originality. Very few are living the Holy and acceptable life before the Lord. Many couples live with different spiritual levels – the life begins with each one differently, the spiritual realities are different, doctrines are different.

But the problem started before they entered into the wedding. The misunderstanding started in the minds of Joseph. The misunderstanding means someone does not understand something correctly. Misunderstanding about the other person’s character, behavior. Misunderstanding about the co-worshiper, co-laborer, co-believer. Misunderstanding about wife or husband.

The misunderstanding leads to sin of rejection, hatred, superiority complex, “I am right” concept, and Spiritual pride. The misunderstanding between the twelve brothers led division among the brothers in Genesis. The misunderstanding between Saul and David brought loss to their families and to the nation.

v.20-23 God brings Unity

The right understanding was brought by God through an angel. God is interested to bring joy in to the hearts of the holy and devoted people. There was suspicion among the early church about the activities of Saul when he converted to the Gospel. Barnabas took the lead to bring understanding to all believers.

Here the Angel Gabriel was sent to bring joy to this couple. Both were called to fulfill the mission of God. The mission of God is not carried out because of the fight between the believers, oh what a pathetic situations in the Churches, Organizations. How much money, energy and resources are spent in dissolving the issues among the people.

God called all of us out darkness, out of sinful world to bring joy to the nations, peoples group. Where are we today. The mission stands still, no progress because of misunderstanding.

v.24-25 Joseph woke up with clarity

the spiritual awakening is important. God took him to deeper sleep, to dreams, to give him vision about the plan of God. The persons who are committed, who spend more time in prayer and reading of the Word of God, God reveals His purpose of the other person, the plan he has for all of us. He takes away the misconceptions and bias ideas on others. He leads to the Grace of God for healing and accepting one another. The man Joseph who was thinking to Divorce her, put her away, unwilling to identify with her. Changed by overnight because of the Dream, because of Spiritual awakening. Because of the understanding of the Scripture. The Scriptural approach is always the best and excellent. God speaks to us reminds us from the scriptural verses. Obedience to God’s direction, the intuition of the mind, heart is need of the hour. We can’t be ignorant person.

He understood the role of Mary in the Salvation History. He will down play but Mary will play the vital role. The real understanding of the Plan of God in our lives makes us to humble before others and give way for the many. Barnabas brought Paul to Church but God used Paul mightily than Barnabas. Jonathan understood the plan of God and made way for the growth of David. Mordecai understood the plan of God for Esther.

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