Summary: A sermon on the dangers of flirting with sin

Sin’s Scars

Matthew 5:8-5:8

INTRO: Attitude of Oh well, No big deal!

1. Have you ever heard anybody choosing to sin and then say, “I’ll just ask God to forgive me

a. Man enjoys sin, We rationalize or excuse sin as not a problem

2. We ALL must have:

a clear view of what sin is and its destructive power

a. We all will sit under the judgment of the Word of God

Mt 5:8 Blessed [are] the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

b. “Pure” as in cleansed, purified by fire

1. We can only be clean by the mercy and the grace of God in our Life.

c. Like David says, Ps 32:2 Blessed [is] the man unto whom the LORD imputeth not iniquity, and in whose spirit [there is] no guile.

3. It is the attitude we need too look at tonight, attitude of not

taking sin seriously. We play with sin, toy with it never fully understanding the reality of what even a so called little sin will do in our lives.

a. We need to see sin as God sees it, abominable, repugnant

b. He took it so seriously that He sent His only begotten Son to DIE for us to

remove Sin’s curse from us

4. What happens to us when we decide to sin,

I. Sin takes farther that we want to go

A. It doesn’t matter what the sin or the type of sin it is sin is sin there is not little or great sin all sin is sin in God’s eyes.

1. The principle is sin’s power is to take us where we don’t

want to go, go father than we want are willing

a. White lie or bold big black lie

b. Steal 2cent piece of candy or rob a bank

c. Gossip, gluttony, smoking, drinking, adultery or murder

2. Who has told a lie only to tell 25 more lies to cover it up

each worse and getting farther from the truth

a. But as we look back at our lies, we discover they are not

the help we thought,

1. But a snare taking us down the wrong road

2. Two young people boy & girl out alone, first innocently

holding hands, but go to the back seat, for some kissing, but it leads

to petting, till the passions are running wild

a. They have arrive at Trouble’s door, sin takes you there

3. When we yield to sin, it becomes our master

Ro 6:16 Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?

a. Sin has a gripping affect

b. We yield to the temptation, think we can keep it under control

1. Only to find a monster at the other end dragging us down a path we

never wanted to go

2. Drawing a line won’t do it, tug a war we loose

II. Sin exposes others to danger & hurt

A. No such thing as a Private, personal sin

1. Even if done alone, it damages the heart & psyche and

attitude to the effect it will effect other relationships

a. Many men go into marriage relationships with scars from a

promiscuous lifestyle before marriage that then effects the

marriage 1. Expectations, addictions, porn

2. Our sin will not only hurt us but will effect and even can

hurt others we love

a. Abraham Gen12 Abraham, the man of God, called of God out of the land of Ur into the land of Canaan to walk in fellowship with God and to live with him in the land? The first thing that is related about Abraham after he came into the land is that a famine arose, and Abraham’s faith in God as the provider of all his needs was put to the test. Abraham failed the test, and we read that he forsook the land and went down to Egypt. The first thing he did in Egypt was to tell a lie about his wife. As we have the story, Sarah was a beautiful woman. The amazing thing is that at this point of the story she is sixty-five years of age, yet she was still a beautiful woman. Abraham said to himself, "I know these Egyptians, these licentious rascals. If they see my beautiful wife the king will want her for himself," {cf, Gen 12:10-13}. So he told Sarah to tell a lie and say that she was his sister and not his wife. It was only a half-truth but a half-truth is always a half-lie. She actually was his half-sister.

What was the result of that lie Abraham told? Immediately it got Sarah into trouble. Pharaoh, seeing her, said, "Here’s a beautiful woman. I’d like to add her to my harem. And isn’t this nice? She just happens to be the man’s sister and not his wife, so I’m free to take her for myself," {cf, Gen 12:14-16}. Abraham’s lie was the very thing that opened the door to expose Sarah to the shame and ignominy through which she was dragged. Fortunately, God intervened and stopped the process before it went too far, but Abraham was called before Pharaoh and publicly rebuked for his folly {cf, Gen 12:17-20}.

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