Summary: This message shows how wonderful grace is to the needy.


(A picture of Grace)

TEXT: II Samuel 9:1-10-4)

Pastor W. Max Alderman

Introduction: Grace is a wonderful thing. It is wonderful because it is so Amazing. It is wonderful because it is Atoning. It is wonderful because it is Available; It is wonderful because it is Adequate.

The wonderful story of Mephiboseth illustrates the Truth of what it really means to be a benefactor of God’s grace!

Mephibosheth sitting at the king’s table illustrates how wonderful grace is.

May we consider three thoughts this morning on the subject of grace.

I. May we consider the Origin of Grace. (Vv. 1-3)

II. May we consider the Opportunities of Grace. (Vv. 4_13).

III. May we consider the Obstacles to Grace. (Vv. 11-10:4)

About the Story:

Mephibosheth appears before David in complete humility

The first mention of Mephibosheth in the Bible is a sad one; at age five, he had been crippled to some degree at the same time his father and grandfather died in battle (2 Samuel 4:4)

Mephibosheth has good reason to fear the new king; it was customary for the leader of a new royal dynasty to execute all potential heirs of the former dynasty

Remember why Mephibosheth’s nurse was fleeing in 2 Samuel 4; she feared David would come and slaughter all the potential heirs to the throne of Saul

Remember that Mephibosheth was hiding himself from David; David could not have found him without the help of Ziba

Mephibosheth’s estrangement from David was rooted in both who he was (a descendant of Saul) and in his own choices (to consciously avoid David out of fear)

Mephibosheth’s fear of David was illogical; David only meant good towards him - even as our desire to separate ourselves from a good God is illogical; we, like Jonathan, somehow figure that God "must" be out to get us

David wanted to show kindness to Mephibosheth because of a covenant made to another; the Father says, much as David said, "is there anyone I can show kindness to for Jesus’ sake?" (Guzik)

We can’t help but see the greater David being portrayed, as we read this great story of Grace. Like Mephibosheth, we have all suffered a fall.


A. Grace Originated in the Mind of Another “And David said…” vv. 1,2.

Before Mephibosheth knew that there was help for him, someone else was planning that help for him. Likewise, there was the planning work of God before the foundation of the world to bring about our help. Read Ephesians 1:9-12.

B. Grace Originated to Minister to Another. “that I may shew the kindness of God unto him?” v. 3.

Christ Jesus showed the kindness of God to sinful humanity when He came and offered Himself as a gift of God. When you see the goodness of God, it will sweeten you up like nothing else will. When you remember how good God was to you when you were yet in your sins, you will not be obsessed

with the sins of others. You will not have a judging and critical spirit. The old Pharisee knew nothing of the grace of God when he looked down upon the publican.

READ Luke 18: 9-14.


A. Grace Recognizes the Needy Person. V.4

“Where is he?” The answer to this question is Lodebar, which means: “without pasture”. Another way of putting it, one is hungry and has nothing to eat that satisfies. This was the state and condition of Methibosheth, as it is also of countless souls today. They eat of this world but are never satisfied. The Lord knows who are the needy.

B. Grace Removes the Needy Person. V.5

“sent and fetched him”

The Good God of Grace knows how to find us in our despair and remove us out of it. Think about your Lodebar and where you were when He found you.

Nothing is more disgusting to the Lord than for us to be saved and forget the pit that God pulled us out of. We can get to the place that we are looking down on those who were just like us before grace appeared. Verse number 13 should be a constant reminder that we are still dependent upon Him.

Another thought, you better be careful when you think that no one measures up to your righteousness. That is one of the worse kinds of pride that grips the hearts of good people. They began to compare themselves to others, and no one measures up. That, again, is the exact spirit that the Pharisee had when looking down on the publican.

C. Grace Reveals to the Needy Person. v. 7a.

“I will surely shew thee kindness” READ Ephesians 2: 3-7.

This earthly story relates to us how an earthly king was able to show kindness

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