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Summary: A look at six areas to focus on in evaluating whether your life is on the path toward the fruitfulness that Jesus expects.

Six Signs You’re On The Path Toward Fruitfulness:

- What I’m sharing this morning are not the only indicators of fruitfulness – they are merely some of the signs that indicate you’re heading in the right direction.

- Some of these we’ve touched on in one way or another in other sermons in this series. I am sharing this sermon because it goes back to the original question that someone in the congregation asked me that led to me writing this series. The question was, “How can I know I’m bearing fruit?” It’s a good question – and an important one. We’ve touched on many issues regarding fruitfulness in this series – from whether fruit is optional to how to bear fruit to how much fruit should we expect – but I hadn’t directed answered that original question, so I want to conclude the series with a look at six signs you’re on the path toward fruitfulness.

1. Are you passionate about knowing and living out Jesus’ teachings?

- Why that matters: Obedience is a non-negotiable starting point.

2. Can you name the ministry (in church or out) where you are serving using your spiritual gift?

- Why that matters: No work equals no results.

3. Do you pray specifically, expecting answers?

- Why that matters: Fruitfulness is God working through you.

4. Can you easily come up with praises during your prayer time?

- Why that matters: Praises are little signs of God’s movement around you.

5. Do you regularly hear “thank you”?

- Why that matters: Not all your impact will be hidden.

6. What is the growing edge God is working with you on right now?

- Why that matters: Fruitfulness requires a close connection.

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