Summary: Sixth Command of God calls for a peaceful living and having calm and quiet life with one another.

Sixth Command:

Do not Kill. Ex 20:13

In Bible the word anger/angry is used for 289 times, the word anger is used for 232 times and the rest for angry, Whereas the NT has only 12 times. The faculty of anger is God created one but use properly.

F. Tennyson Jesse in his “Murder and Its Motives”, sets up six categories: murder for gain, revenge, elimination, jealousy, lust of killing, and from conviction. Another six classifications of criminals: the accidental (drunken driver involved in a fatal accident), the situational (steals and murders to get food), the irresponsible (idiot), the neurotic (murders because hatred), the psychotic (unfathomable and unpredictable), and the professional.

Pope Pius V: When he was Grand Inquisitor, he sent Catholic troops to kill 2,000 Waldensian Protestants in Calabria in southern Italy. After becoming pope, he sent Catholic troops to kill Huguenot Protestants in France. He ordered the commander to execute every prisoner taken. Pius also launched the final crusade against the Muslims, sending a Christian naval armada to slaughter thousands in the Battle of Lepanto in 1571.

OT Understanding of Killing. Ex 20:13.

Man-God’s image, spill not blood(Gen. 9:6).

Eyes for eye…Ex. 21:24-25, Lev. 24:20-21

To be killed – Ex 21:12-17.

Sir Norwood East says, in his book “Society and the Criminal” "Murder is rather frequently due to an intensely emotional situation operating suddenly upon a man who has always behaved in a perfectly normal manner except for the few seconds when the murder is committed."

NT Understanding of killing : Mt 5:21-26

5:22 -Don’t get angry without cause.

Angry with cause – for not reading Bible, not praying, not attending Church, not obeying the words of Christ, Spoiling God’s house (Jn.2:14-17 & Mt 21:12-13),

God had angry with cause: Related to physical, food, cloth, luxury, shelter, etc., (Nu 11:1,10,33, hating God’s people(12:9) for unbelief(14:11), everyday on the sinners(Ps 7:11)

Don’t use the word “Rascal”(Rasca-Aramaic word for utmost contempt and scorn., don’t use the word “fool”(Moros-Gk) wicked reprobate (good for nothing)- if used, you are accountable to Sanhedrin(composed of 71 judges presided over by a high priest or local council composed of 3 or 4 persons). nfhiy ghjfq;fs; jPl;Lg;gLj;Jk; (khw; 7:21-23). The works of the flesh will destroy the spirit.(Gal 5:19-21)

What to do now:

Love never does evil to others, love helps to keep all the commandments(Rm.13:8-10).

Give up the self to keep the laws (Mt. 19:16-19).

Don’t be friend of an angry man and furious fellow and don’t learn his ways (Pr 22:24-25).

Don’t be hasty to get angry(Eccl 7:9). Put off anger(Col 3:8), Don’t kindle thy children(Col 3:21), Control your mind(Pr.16:32), no argument (Pr 17:14), Slow to anger(Tit 1:7 & James 1:19). Cease from anger(Ps.37:8).

Take care of the Children – Ex 1:16- don’t kill. Our response to female infanticide? As Church, as individual as community.

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