Summary: Father’s Day Sermon, 2001.

Snapshots of Growth

( Father’s Day Sermon)

Colossians 2:1-7

I. Introduction

Today, all across America, fathers will go home from church, eat a big meal and head to the easy chair in the living room as their families wait on them hand and foot and treat them like a king.

Some will pull out the photo album and stir their memories as they look at old snapshots. There’s one of dad as a young recruit on his first day in the military. The uniform doesn’t fit too well, does it? And look there’s one of dad as he graduated from his training. See how tall and proud he stands now.

Here’s one of mom and dad as they push their new baby in his stroller down the street. And look, the family planted this tree in the front yard. It grew as the children grew. Here’s a snapshot of the concrete truck pouring the foundation for the new house and another of the night the kids graduated high school.

Old snapshots remind us of the growth of our family through the years. In today’s passage, Paul the Apostle pulls out some old snapshots that remind him of the spiritual growth of the believers at Colosse.

II. Six Snapshots of Growth

A. The Image Of A Military Unit - (v.5)

"order and stedfastness"

The picture we see here is that of competent men and women who know their job and are prepared to do it. The word steadfast gives us the image of soldiers who stand their ground in the face of the enemy.

B. The Image Of A Pilgrim - (v. 6)

"so walk ye"

Every pilgrim on his journey to Jerusalem knew exactly what he needed to take with him. Pack the essentials and take them with you on the trip, but leave the nonessentials behind.

C. The Image Of A Tree - (v. 7)


This is an agricultural term for a plant that is permanently rooted. Some plants are continually in need of transplanting, but the rooted plant will grow strong and healthy.

D. The Image Of A Building - (v. 7)

"built up"

Dr. Rex Horne, pastor of Immanuel Baptist in Little Rock, AR, tells us that this word carries the idea of a building under construction. We all know the importance of a solid foundation to build on. Paul said, "For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ," (1 Cor. 3:11).

E. The Image Of A School - (v. 7)


If the Christian lifestyle can be taught, then we must be prepared to learn it. Our "primer" is God’s Word and our example is God’s Son.

F. The Image Of A River - (v. 7)


Again, Dr. Horne tells us that the word for abounding is used of a river that has overflowed it banks. Our thankfulness to God cannot be confined and it, too, overflows.

III. Conclusion

Every Christian must be concerned about their relationship with Christ. Examine your snapshots and you should see growth and gratitude.

Preached at Sam A Baker State Park, 6/17/01

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