Summary: So “HOW’S YOUR LOVE LIFE, YOUR INTIMACY WITH JESUS?” If you’re not "Close & Intimate" with Jesus, you’ll not be "Close & Intimate" with God!

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9/27/09 am Service LWC


If I were to ask you this morning if you love your Husband, you would say yes! If I were to ask you if you love your wife, you would say yes! At the very least I hope you would! “HOW’S YOUR LOVE LIFE?”

You’ve most likely heard the comment or the question, so “HOW’S YOUR LOVE LIFE?” Are you having a “LOVE AFFAIR” with someone right now?

No! I’m not asking about your sex life, I’m not asking about your intimacy or marriage. I’m not even asking about your relationship with the one you love the most. I’m asking about your “LOVE LIFE” with the most important person in the world.

The Dictionary says of “LOVE” - an intense feeling or deep affection; a great interest & pleasure in someone or something; a person or thing that one loves “LOVE” as a verb means - to feel love for; like very much; showing love for or great care or interest.

So I ask the question and pose it to you again. “HOW’S YOUR LOVE LIFE?” From what the Dictionary says “YOUR LOVE LIFE” should be something of an intense nature with feeling & deep affection, with great interest & pleasure, to feel love for, like very much & showing great love, care & interest!

So “HOW’S YOUR LOVE LIFE?” How does your “LOVE LIFE” with the most important person in the world to you add up this morning? IS YOUR “LOVE LIFE” VIBRANT & EXCITING? IS YOUR “LOVE LIFE ” INTENSE WITH GREAT FEELING, CARE & INTEREST?

Or is your “LOVE LIFE” like many of the people in the world today. Kind of a distraction, well unless you’re a newly wed! Then that is the only thing they think about, their “LOVE LIFE!” But for the most part our, collective, “LOVE LIVES” are rather MUNDANE a DISTRACTION, something we’ve come to terms with and FEEL COMFORTABLE about and with!

Please, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that but if the spark is gone then the excitement of love and life seems to fade and with it the greatest of joy.

My wife & were sitting in a restaurant Friday evening watching a couple of teenagers who seemed to act like they thought they were in love. They were ignoring everybody else, oblivious to all the others who were there watching them, especially us sitting right across from them as they teased, tickled & touched one another. Feeding each other their food from their respective plates. Then they got up leaving & started playing with one another & giggling!

I looked at my wife and said, “Young Love what do they know?” & for a second we looked at each other while I kind of hung my head in shame hoping to recover but there was none! I finally said, “Well, at least we don’t have to act like that!” Yea!

But you know there was something refreshing about what we saw! I’m not one for public displays of affection that are overt & disrespectful but it was young & they were enthralled with one another!

I remember the being young & young in love! I remember calling my wife 10 or 15 times a day. Now it’s a respectful once or twice! I’m sorry honey!

One of the things I remember my Pastor, Bro. Chapin, doing with couples is telling them to go on a date with one another, go on a honeymoon together, get away from the kids, the job, the responsibilities & get alone together! Good advice!

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