Summary: This is the cornerstone question behind finding your individual role within your local church and the Body of Christ as a whole.

“So, what do you do for the Lord?”, I asked Joe, a fellow believer and gung-ho Christian. “Brother, I do whatever the Lord asks me to do,” he confidently replied “Joe, pardon me for saying this,” I said, “but isn’t that a part of every Christian’s job?” Joe looked a bit puzzled, so I continued: “I not asking what you are WILLING to do. I am inquiring as to what you actually DO.”

Joe’s answer is not atypical within the church. The fact is that most folks are just fine with being willing to do “anything the Lord says”, though they seem far away when the church grass needs to be mowed, or a roof needs to be fixed. Instead of being a sincere pious statement, “being willing” has turned into an empty phrase that lacks the very thing that it attempts to fulfill – a need for commitment. In order to complete anything within God’s plan, we must come to a point where we recognize our individual roles and responsibilities. If God were to issue a paycheck for what you do, what would it be for?

This is the cornerstone question behind finding your individual role within your local church and the Body of Christ as a whole. If we cannot answer this question, then we are players without positions, soldiers without ranks, and workers without purpose. This translates to a church without movement. Your salvation is not for the sake of your own salvation, but for the completion of God’s will and plan for salvation in the lives of countless others. Prayer and study of the Word of God become more than just personal enlightenment, but a quest to understand where each of us fits and how that interlocks with others around us. This is also a key to unity and Body-wide cooperation – understanding the role of all of God’s creation within the context of local and worldwide ministry.

Check The Road Under Your Feet

Books and studies have been devoted to this understated task. Everything from ‘How-To” books to 10-Step courses have created in order to help people understand God’s will for their lives. Your challenge this moment is to simply meditate on where God has taken you, the lessons that you have learned, and where you are headed. You may find that the questions are easily answered. On the other hand, you may find that you may need to get lost enough to let yourself be led by God. You might need to let go of what you have been chasing, and begin to conform to the shape that the Potter is trying to mold you into.

Seek Guidance and Reliable Council

Next, speak to your pastors and mentors in order to receive their input. Sometimes, the picture is less fuzzy when you are not so emotionally attached to the decisions and consequences. Once you have heard from your mentors, let God confirm your thoughts and feelings. Search His Word daily, asking for the Holy Spirit to speak to you.

Risk Taking The First Step

Finally, act on what you know. You probably won’t have the full picture, but you will know enough about the very next step. Take that step. Much of what you need in order to discover God’s job for you involves taking a risk. Every move that results in changing lives will demand a change in the life of the person making the first move. Hopefully, that person is you.

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