Summary: Jesus calls us to outreach Luke 24:46-49 Matthew 25:31-40 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Ok so what exactly is outreach? Outreach is ministry which involves three groups Outreach

Jesus calls us to outreach

Luke 24:46-49

Matthew 25:31-40


Ok so what exactly is outreach?

Outreach is ministry which involves three groups

Outreach involves The Holy Trinity, The Church and Those outside the church.

Outreach is the loving dynamic between God who sends us and the people who we are sent.

Like I said outreach involves the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

According to John 3:16 Our Heavenly Father loves all people the same, dearly.

That great love caused Him to send Jesus, to give his only begotten son for us.

Our loving father in Heaven sent Jesus

Jesus obeyed and according to John chapter one The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

Jesus moved by love demonstrated this divine, complete and all encompassing love by being crucified for you, crucified for me and crucified for all people.

In love of all people Jesus sent the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit obeyed and fills every new believer .When Jesus came into your heart, when you were born again that was by The Spirit.

The Holy Spirit woos everyone in love, drawing them, compelling them to come to faith in Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit leads you and I into all truth.

The Holy Spirit helps, compels and draws us to be like Jesus as the Love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the warm, peaceful and loving feeling you experience when you encounter God’s presence.

In love the Holy Spirit sends us

The Holy Spirit sends us the Church.

We are the church, made up of different people, different families, different races, different cultures, different languages and different life experiences.

What binds us together is Jesus.

What binds us together is the love we have for one another that the Holy Spirit teaches us to have.

What we have in common is our call, Jesus calls us, Jesus commands us to Go.

When we do what Jesus commands us to reach out to our community, our nation and our world.

Outreach that we do is three fold

1. Preach to the Good news to preach to the lost at any cost

2. To make disciples of all nations

3. To relieve human suffering

These three things God compels us to do.

Outreach is proclaiming the good news

The good news is the fact that Jesus Christ died for sinners of whom I am chief.

If you knew me before I met Christ you wouldn’t recognize me, I was a drunken, pot smoking, womanizing, wildman on the road to oblivion.

It is good to preach the good news of Jesus Christ to others.

We preach the good news when we share our faith in Jesus Christ with others.

We preach the good news when we tell others how Jesus Christ changed our lives.

We preach the good news when we can tell someone else who is trapped in the same sinful chains that we were in and tell them how Jesus set us free and help them realize how Jesus can help them out too.

Outreach is when we make disciples of Jesus Christ.

That is the inward thrust of outreach.

We make disciples by helping others learn to be like Jesus.

We make disciples when we teach a bible class.

We make disciples when we help a fellow believer see their spiritual gifting and help encourage them to use their spiritual gifts to help others.

I make disciples when my sermon, my class or whatever it is I do in ministry equips any of you in here to do outreach.

Outreach is reliving human suffering.

Did you know that God calls us to social holiness?

My friend’s social holiness is not a liberal thing it is a Jesus Thing.

When you feed the hungry you are feeding Jesus, I didn’t make that up Jesus says that in our sermon text.

When we visit someone in the hospital we are visiting Jesus.

We here at Ellzey leave cans and packages of food on the organ and our sanctuary open so people can come in.

My friends we are doing that for Jesus.

We will be hosting Al Anon every Monday at 7pm night to provide families who have suffered from living with an alcoholic to meet and be a support group for one another.

We are doing that unto Jesus.

Whatsoever you do the the least of my bretheren that you do unto me.

So now we have a better idea about outreach, let us then be Jesus hands and feet to our community, our state and our world.

let us pray

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