Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Why are not moving in the power and love of the disciples from the Bible?

“My dog ate my homework.”

“There was a wreck on the bridge that held me up.”

“I didn’t see the stop sign.”

“Maybe it’s not God’s will.”

“His ways are not our ways.”

It seems we all have heard a million excuses, and we have all used thousands ourselves. Making excuses or laying blame elsewhere seems to be a natural part of the carnal mind. Adam blamed not only Eve for the fall of disobedience, but he even blamed God for giving him the woman!

But excuses do not end with the carnal man; they seem to also come over to the Christian world as well – and even into the pulpits of our churches. I can almost hear the “Amen” as many of you may be thinking I am relating to “excusing sin” or the watering-down of the gospel. Not this time. That is for another article and another time.

You see it is easy to point fingers of blame towards the congregation if you are the preacher, and easy for the preacher to point fingers toward the congregation over “sin” and “discipline”, and if we have water-downed or compromised our message. I believe we have surely watered down and compromised our message in many ways, excusing what should be for what it actually is. This message is about something a little different however.

When I read my Bible I see a much different God than I see being preached in many churches today. I see a different move of God today than I saw in the recounts of the biblical stories. I see a very different Christian experience, and so do many other people, hence the myriad of excuses that infiltrate our teachings and sermons.

The excuses I feel we must address in this article are the excuses for powerlessness in the church body today. Excuse my bluntness here, but for the most part, the church body has become pathetic in fulfilling our commission and we have become weak in our demonstration of the Kingdom of God. Pathetic.

If that offends you, I can accept that. What I can no longer accept is a church body that claims “God is in the house” because of a few goose bumps or a good shout – while the congregation is dying of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

What I can no longer accept is a church body that claims “we believe in divine healing” yet fail to pray, and continue to pray, for the sick until they see what they believe manifest.

What I can no longer accept is a church that says they believe in the gifts of the spirit, yet pick and choose which gifts they choose to accept as normal and acceptable. Why is speaking in tongues acceptable or even honored, yet seeking or giving a word of prophecy not? Why do we believe in the angels of the bible, yet turn a doubtful eyes when a person communicates with one today?

What I can no longer accept is a church body that claims to “follow Jesus” yet has never sought out the depths of The Kingdom of God or the power promised to us in the Lord’s Prayer, which states “on earth as it is in heaven.” Jesus would never tell us to pray for something unless God had full intentions of bringing it to pass.

What I can no longer accept are excuses labeled under the guise of denominational belief, theology, or individual translations. I can no longer accept religion that divides me from my God and what he has provided for us.

What I can no longer accept is the “escape mentality” from a church body that gives praise and power to the devil, while they are just “hanging on” for Jesus to come and whisk them away into Heaven. I am truly sick of that! Why should he come and whisk us away when we have been so pitiful in completing the commission he has called us to do?

We should be on the offensive against the works of the enemy – we should be offensive and go against the darkness with the light and power of God almighty working through us the body. Instead too many people are on the defensive instead of the offense, and way too many are literally hiding behind the church walls simply “waiting on the Lord” to sneak behind enemy lines and rescue us. God forbid.

Now, have I offended you or have I instead stirred up a sense of desire deep inside you? Have I ignited the flame of desire for more God and less excuses? The God of the Bible is still the God of today. His compassion is the same, his love no different, his calling on our life is still to go forth preaching, the Kingdom of God is at hand, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, and cast our demons!

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