Summary: When we wait on the Lord and make our decisions based on His word, we will mount up like wings of eagles as we serve God.

Soaring like an eagle

Isaiah 40:21-31

Good morning/ turn to Isaiah 40:21-31

Did you know that your attitude plays a factor on how much you will gain out of the service? Stinking thinking can destroy you and will distract you from God.

If you came in church overwhelmed by what all you have to do this week, you’ll probably not hear the good news that comes from God’s word. Why? Because you have put your mind in the negative mode and not expecting anything to happening. Your mind is elsewhere.

But if you came in here with a heart of expectation and readiness to receive all that God has for you, you will go out of here filled with His goodness and His grace. Why? Because you came expecting- and you will not be denied what the Lord has for you.

So what kind of mood did you come with? Overwhelmed and elsewhere or expectant and ready to receive?

Prayer- Father, this morning I ask you to go beyond what we can do ourselves to the extra-ordinary. We know the extra-ordinary happens when we come expecting you to do something. May you this morning put us in the right frame of mind and the right relationship so that we can receive what you have for us. We are hungry and dry and need you to speak to us and lead us and guide us to your glorious riches and your marvelous truths. In Jesus Name Amen!

Let me set this up.

It seems the Lord has impressed me lately to look at passages that cause us to respond.

He speaks and we must do something with it.

Last week, Daniel Chapter 3, the three Hebrews Shadrach. Mechach, and Abedinego holding to their faith and their beliefs in a world that was ready to abandon them and settle for less.

Someone has to stand up and make a difference.

Someone has to be the first so that he/she can lead others to stand up.

Having a faith that no matter what the world would do, you will not compromise.

Having a faith that is more than a roll of the dice, it is a decision and a determined plan to follow God.

The text this morning plops us right down in the middle of conflict.

The first 35 chapters of Isaiah deal with the Assyrians captivity and their takeover of Israel and then the last chapters of Isaiah are dealing with the Babylonian takeover.

Israel is tired and worn out and beaten up and discouraged.

Anyone know what that is all about!

You would think that the Nation of Israel would realize that they must stop rejecting God and return to God to see the benefits and promises of God.

The Nation of Israel has seen the anointing and blessing of God on them and has also been on the receiving end of punishment for disobedience.

Babylonian, Assyrians, Greeks, Medes, and Romans. All have/ will have control over them because they would not return onto the Lord like they were commanded.

This is a well know text in the book of Isaiah.

It is loved because it strikes a familiar chord with so many weary people who at times need encouragement.

Each of us has been weary.

Each one of us experiences exhaustion.

Each one of us has at times been under fire so long that we have been discouraged instead of encouraged.

The Lord has a word for us today to encourage you and me so that we would keep our focus and attention where it belongs and that is on the Lord and not our situations or circumstances.

So what can we learn from these scriptures that would help us with our walk with the Lord?

What can we learn that we would see the Lord for who He is and not allow our circumstances to cloud our vision of Him?

What can we learn about doing “life”?

How can we soar like Eagles? I want that don’t you?

Here we go!

We see the first lesson in verse 25- 26 Read from the Bible

Don’t look down in discouragement look up with praise! That will preach!

The Israelite doubters were comparing their God with the god of their captors. They believed God was failing the test.

You cannot compare Jehovah-Jireh my provider with the god of the Babylonians. A manmade god of wood and gold up against the creator of the universe.

They worshipped creations instead of the creator.

The stars which are hang in the sky which they worshipped instead of the god that created each star and gave each and every one of them a name.

You will never soar like an eagle until you realize the God that you serve is not manmade and is from everlasting to everlasting!

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