Summary: Solving Problems God’s Way Part 2 : Finding The Root Causes

Solving Problems God’s Way

Part 2 : Finding The Root Causes

Joshua 7:1-26

* For every "effect" there is a cause.

Ex. -- Alvin missed the bus(effect) because he woke up late(cause).

Ex. – Janice got home late(cause) so she missed her favorite TV show(effect).

Ex. – Because the neighborhood is noisy(cause), my brother doesn’t sleep too well(effect).

* For every problem, there is a cause!

* Problems are the result of something.

* Problems do not happen by chance or by someone being unlucky! This suggests there is no rhyme or reason for problems.

* Sometimes we confuse the symptoms of a problem with the real cause of a problem.

* It’s not always easy to discern the true cause of a problem….the reason for a problem we may be experiencing.

Illus - By Anita Manning, USA TODAY 9-24-2006

Is it flu or just a cold? How do you tell?

Doctors say if it’s flu — real influenza, not just what everyone calls "the flu" — you’ll know it.

"Severity is really what makes the difference," says lung specialist Neil Schachter of Mount Sinai School of Medicine. "With a cold, people think about whether they’re well enough to go to work or school. With flu, there’s usually no question. You’re down and out and in bed."

The symptoms of colds and flu are enough alike that diagnosis may not always be easy, he says, especially in the winter months when lots of respiratory viruses are circulating.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases says differences include these:


•Fever. Rare for a cold, common with flu. Fevers with flu can go over 102 degrees, especially in children, and can persist three or four days.

•Headache. Rare for a cold, common in flu.

•Aches and pains. Mild with a cold, often severe with flu.

•Fatigue. Sometimes occurs with colds, but flu usually starts with a period of exhaustion, with fatigue lasting two or three weeks.

•Sneezing, stuffy nose, sore throat. The most frequent symptoms of a cold, they also occur sometimes with flu.

•Chest discomfort, cough. Mild to moderate with colds, but can be severe with flu.

* Every medicine sold over-the-counter treats only the symptoms, NOT the real cause of your illness.

* Many viruses cause colds -

44% were rhinoviruses.

30% were respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

Just over 5% were influenza viruses.

9% were para influenza viruses (PIV).

Just over 4% were human meta pneumovirus (HPMV).

7% were other viruses (such as adenoviruses).

* The real cause of a cold is a virus.

Treatment and Prevention-

We haven’t yet found a way to kill the viruses that cause the common cold. Some people ask their doctors for antibiotics, but these are completely useless against any virus. These medications work only if a bacterial infection develops on top of the cold. Since there’s no cure, a combination of coping strategies and medication can at least keep symptoms from getting worse.

Bed rest for a day or two can help you feel better. While it won’t clear up the cold any faster, staying in bed will avoid spreading it to others.

If you are suffering with a cold you should keep comfortably warm and drink plenty of fluids. Hot fluids (such as chicken broth) can cut down on congestion.

For a sore throat, a warm salt-water gargle may help. Humidifiers can keep the air moist in an effort to soothe coughs. The extra vapor, cold or hot, can also help loosen mucus in the chest.

Medications can be used to relieve cold symptoms, but they won’t make the cold go away any faster.

* We want to treat the real root problem not just the symptoms.

*Illus - sin of Achan…

* After the destruction of Jericho, came a battle with Ai

- 2 to 3 thousand men were recommended for the battle

-Israel couldn’t win this battle against Ai because someone had troubled Israel.

- The problem wasn’t that they didn’t send enough troops; it was deeper than that.

- There was sin in the camp and it brought trouble on all of Israel.

- God instructed Joshua to begin with the tribes and narrow down the cause of the problem.

- To get to the root, Joshua begins with the 12 tribes.

* Read - Joshua 7:16-18 – sin of Achan – read the story and note how Joshua narrows down the problem… tribe, family, etc.

-- Judah > Zerah > Zabdi > Camri > Achan

* Let’s look in the Bible at 5 basic fundamental causes of problems in our lives.

I. Disobedience: Some problems are caused by disobedience to God.

A. David’s disobedience II Sam. 12:1-14

Ex. “Thou shalt not commit adultery” …

--God gave this command for a reason.

--Believe me, you are going to have problems when you disobey this command!

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