Summary: The events surrounding the story of the lame man.

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Title: “Some Snapshots At The Temple”

Text: Acts 3:1-10

Introduction: In our message we would like to consider that we are viewing some snapshots that someone has taken while touring the city of Jerusalem. Upon their tour they happen upon a very gorgeous place. It is the temple, and it is buzzing with activity because it is the hour of prayer. At first, they began to take some pictures of the building; for it’s architecture and beauty is breathtaking. While taking the photographs they notice a beggar there at the gate and their attention begins to focus on him and the activities surrounding him. Before the day is over they have a real montage of pictures chronicling the events that transpired that day. After they arrive back home from their trip they rush out and develope their film and carefully label each picture while they put them in their photo album in the order in which they were taken. The pictures are more than just pictures. As you look at them in the order in which they were taken a story begins to unfold. It would seem that by glancing at the first snapshot that it is going to be a sad story indeed; however, as you continue to about the third snapshot things begin to look more hopeful.

Today we would like to look into this photo album and consider what each of these “snapshots at the temple” has to say. Consider them with me in the order in which they were taken:

I. The first snapshot is labeled “The Man That Was Crippled”. (V.2)

“2 And a certain man lame from his mother’s womb was carried, whom they laid daily at the gate of the temple which is called Beautiful…”

Look closely at what we see in this particular snapshot:

A. We see a picture of a case that is Specific.

The picture before us does not depict the masses of humanity; only one individual is seen in the photograph. He is a “certain” man.

So often, while endeavoring to reach the lost, we forget the individual needs of those in this world and cater only to the multitudes. Do not ever forget that within the multitude there are individuals who individually have specific needs. While it is true that Jesus touched the lives of a multitude of people while he was in this world, it is equally true that he worked on, in, and through the lives of individuals within the multitudes. Please do not ever become so overcome with reaching the lost in this world, that you forget the lost man, woman, boy, or girl living in your own community. Don’t let yourself become vague and impersonal in soul – winning. Always remember that there are certain people all around you that need to know about Jesus and his saving power.

B. We see a picture of a case that is Sad.

The picture before us does not depict a man who is glowing with the radiance of good health. On the contrary quite the opposite is true. Oh sure, if you just look at him from his waist up he may look healthy enough, but as you direct your gaze upon his legs you quickly see that this man has a serious problem. His legs are withered and seem to have no strength within them. How sad is his case. The very thing that would give him the ability to move from place to place is lacking, and according to our text he has been this way from birth. He cannot go for help; he is totally dependent upon someone coming to him to help.

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