Summary: In a world of disappointment, what is it which will never disappoint? Paul offers us a word about this.

“Something That Will NEVER Disappoint”

Romans 5:6-11

* Last week millions were held almost spellbound by the conclusion of the 108 US Open Golf Tourney. Tiger Woods verses Rocco (Who) Mediate. Talk about a David and Goliath show down! Tiger, the number one rated golfer in the world going up again Rocco, the 158th player in the world. As we know, Tiger prevailed but HE KNEW he had been in a match. For five days and 90 holes of Golf Mr. 158 matched #1 stroke for stroke. Then on hold 91 – Tiger did what Tiger does, He sank a 20 ft putt. Rocco missed his 18 footer. Admittedly, both men showed a great deal of class. Through the years Rocco Mediate has established himself as a good player, a consummate professional, and simply a great guy. But here is what I’ll ask today. Can you imagine the disappointment of coming so close and losing? At 45 years of age, he may never have that opportunity again. A pro expects to win and learns how to deal with the disappointment of loss. What do you know about disappointment? Has disappointment visited with you?

* Rocco will likely live to play another day. Ron Hutchcraft tells the story about his son’s disappointment: I was there the day my son’s dream died. Since he’d been little, playing big-time football had been his dream. If, as they say, biology is destiny - and him being my son - he was not destined to have a football player’s size. But he really worked at it, spent hours in the gym, he bulked up, he practiced with focus and intensity. And honestly, he was good at football; until the day when he went down in a driving drill with a badly injured knee. He had torn his anterior cruciate ligament - an injury dreaded by anyone in sports. One of the top sports med doctors in our area examined our son’s knee, and then he said those words that sounded like a death sentence to our boy: “You’ll never play football again.” I cannot imagine.

* Every person here has experienced disappointment on some level. Today people can look back over their lives and reflect on the disappointment found in their divorce. Candidly, the reason for the disappointment in divorce was the disappointment found in their marriage. People are disappointed in jobs, houses, vacations, & other people. People stay home from church services every week because they are or have been disappointed by something or someone. We can debate all the reasons for disappointment, but let’s focus our attention on something that will not disappoint.

* Turn with me to Romans 5. Two weeks ago we read and received a word from the word about the “Great Benefits” of knowing Christ. Today, Paul reminds us that it is only by God’s Love that we can become all that God’s intended for us to become. Verses 5-11.

* Paul says, “This hope will not disappoint.” It’s nice to finally think about “something” that won’t disappoint. The obvious question is, “What is the hope he talking about?” So we back up in the text and find the answer given. Hope comes from proven character which comes from endurance which is a child of affliction.” When we are “afflicted” (or got through struggles) because of our faith and we don’t bail out, but rather, we dive in, we learn spiritual endurance. Through this endurance we develop character and at this point we realize our hope and help for today is, in fact, in Jesus.

* The next question is this; “How or where can we find this hope?” Paul answers this with 3 little word; “because God’s Love.” Everything that will never disappoint you is because of God’s love.

* God’s love is beyond a mate’s love, a father’s love, or even a mother’s love. God’s love is all these and more. By the way, God’s love is “progressive.” No, He doesn’t love us more tomorrow than he does today, rather His love brings us closer to HIM tomorrow than today. His love progressively woes us to Himself. Let take a brief look at how God’s love leaves come to us & what it does in us.

1) The ‘Pouring out’ of God’s Love. Our text says God’s love has been poured out. Two weeks ago I attempted to paint a picture for you about pouring out or spilling out. When a glass of tea gets spilled on your Sunday table, it goes EVERYWHERE!! Every time I read this text I am reminded of Revelation 16 where the seven vials of judgment are “poured out” (same word) over the entire planet. Think about this; when something is “poured out”, you visualize emptying the dish. Those vials were flipped over and emptied. Looking in Romans 5, notice how God’s love is poured. First notice,.

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