Summary: Once we have a clear look at who God is, and in His rightful place it causes you and I to take a deeper look at who we are and what we end up seeing

Some Things Isaiah Seen

Isaiah 6:1-9

A thanks goes to Pastor Steve Holdren of Victory Missionary Baptist Church for this thought.

1. Himself….“Woe is me” Vs.5

2. The King….“He is dead” Vs.1

3. The King of Kings ….“He is alive” Vs.2

4. The People ….“Unclean” Vs.5

5. The Angles ….“Praising God” Vs.3

6. The Need….“Sin to be purged” Vs.7

7. The Power of God Vs.4

>Out of these seven (7) thoughts I would like to look at just four (4) points today to try to help us in troubling times.

>Isaiah and the Nation Israel thought they were in troubling times with the king Uzziah dying. ]>Looking at the present and not seeing the future or planning for it can seem to be a bit overwhelming. No matter what you think of the economy, Obama, or the future to come.

>Isaiah was comforted in this moment, even though the king Uzziah had just died everything was going to be fine, the Real King was on the Throne.

Let’s look and see what Isaiah was able to see while in the presents of the Lord.


When we really get a good look at who we are in the site of God it should make us all say “woe”

A. Our righteousness is as filthily rags. (Isa. 64:6)

B. It didn’t matter if we were a good person or the ugliest sinner were filthily

C. Thankfully, when He sees me, He sees me like Isaiah, purged and covered by the Blood.

I like what the Geneva Bible Notes say on this verse…

“The nearer that man approaches to God, the more he knows his own sin and corruption.”

How true it is when we see ourselves in the shadow of the Cross. Sinful.

It was this sinful state that caused Isaiah NOT to be able to cry out like the angles… it was this sinful state that separated him, you, and I from crying out… Holy, Holy, Holy.

What the prophet reflected upon in himself terrified him:

What Isaiah is saying is…

I am a sinner; particularly, I have offended in word, thought and deed; and who is there that hath not cried out woe is me in His site?

D. As I said it is when we get a good look at our self as Isaiah did we know we too can not cry out Holy, Holy, Holy.


King Uzziah died under a cloud, for he was shut up as a leper till the day of his death

A. Uzziah was the “hope of Israel”. Their whole future looked bright under the leadership of Uzziah. Each day they would awaken and look forward to what great things the new day would bring.

B. ~Lord, help us to be ever mindful of the fact that it is you who directs our paths.

~It is the Lord who heals us; He is our Jehovah Jireh (our Provider).

~It is the Lord, high and lifted up, who keeps me by his power and has all things in his hands.

~He is the one who directs my every step and it is He who has all power in Heaven and in Earth and there is no other beside Him. Not even Uzziah.

James May: (The Uzziah‘s Death) A & B

C. Uzziah had been brought down and the Lord had been lifted up. The hope for the Nation was not in a man named Uzziah, Obama, Bush, or any other to come, but in the Lord Himself, high and lifted up.

1. Do you remember when David danced before the Lord? He did so naked. It would be safe to say that David understood there is only room for 1 king, and he (David) was not it. He had to disrobe himself to give the honor unto the king of Kings

D. Isaiah wasn’t taken back that a man died, or even that a king died. It may have stunned a nation, but Isaiah wasn’t looking to an earthly king, he was looking to the King of Kings.

1. We can only see this by how fast his attention went from the king Uzziah dying to the King alive and on His throne


Adam Clark’s Commentary says the following…

“I am amazed." He immediately gives the reason why he was struck dumb: because he was a man of polluted lips, and dwelt among a people of polluted lips, and was unworthy, either to join the seraphim in singing praises to God, or to be the messenger of God to his people.

These people are like us today…

1. Lost 2. Un-clean 3. Sinful

4. Separated from God 5. Cast out


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