Summary: Angry and Anointed means bad news for the devil, God is looking for some angry people.

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Text. 1Sam 11:1-11

In this portion of scripture Saul represents a radical believer, (a radical Christian)

Radical: "Extremist, far beyond the norm, over the top, even to the point of being called crazy"

If there ever was a time we needed radical Christianity it's now.

There are all kind of radical people in the world: People do all kinds of radical things, extreme things, crazy things.

We have gotten used to seeing people in the secular world doing all kinds of crazy, extreme, over the top things, but we are not used to seeing radical Christianity.

I want us to look at a man who became radical, his name was Saul, he was the anointed king of Israel.

I want you to pay special attention to that word "Anointed" He was Anointed by God

There is something about the anointing that sets you apart from every body else.

The anointing is the power of the HolyGhost

The anointing changes a person

The anointing produces boldness

The anointing produces fearlessness

The anointing makes us aggressive

The anointing confronts error

In our text all the people were crying (they were sad) but what made the others sad, just made Saul mad.

He got angry

He was angry at the enemy

He was angry at the willingness of the people to compromise = to give up their right eye to the enemy (to make a covenant or an agreement with the enemy to avoid a fight.

He was not just an angry man, he was anointed.

He was radically anointed and angry.

In this day of compromise, this day of backing up and backing down, in this day of diluting the gospel and trying to get along with everybody and everything, So many have lost the fire of God and have settled for a form of godliness that denies the power thereof.

God is raising up men and women who are going to be more than just church attendees, more than just church members, more than just singers in the choir.

He is raising up some extreme, over the top, radical believers that are going to shake up this sleepy church world.

In fact he is raising up some people like Saul with an Angry anointing.

Angry at the devil

Angry at the spirit of compromise in the church

Angry at this religious spirit that rejects the cross, and the blood of Jesus, and the conviction of sin.

Angry at the spirit behind our pulpits that calls everybody saved regardless of how they live.

There has been a spirit of passivity in our churches for a long time, we have become very comfortable and casual in our attitude toward sin.

There has been a seeker friendly mentality and attitude to make everybody comfortable and happy in the church.

(Get rid of anything that would offend the seeker)

Anything that would be offensive to the seeker must be removed

The cross, The altar, The blood, Speaking in tongues, Emotional responses to the Spirit, Messages that mention hell or condemns sin, and sinful lifestyles. ( All this must be removed, we have got to make the sinner comfortable)

But I feel a stirring in my spirit and I have an assignment from the HolyGhost to tell the church.

"Something is getting ready to change"

There's somebody sitting in the crowd, in the congregation….. Somebody that you never really noticed, somebody that you never suspected, There is an anointing that is getting ready to fall on them, and a mantle that God is getting ready to put on them and they're going to stand up under the anointing of the HolyGhost and they're going to be like an Elijah to this generation and they're not going to be seduced by this adulterous spirit of idolatry and witchcraft that has hypnotized the church, and they're going to call Gods people to repentance.

They're going to call black black and white white, they're not going to soft soap sin, or sugar coat the word of God

They're going to put a difference between the clean and the unclean, the vile and the pure, the right and the wrong, righteousness and sin.

They are not going to be concerned about fitting in, they are not going to care about being popular with men, they are going to be clothed with the zeal of God and their only concern is going to be to please God.

I heard it said recently : about homosexuals, lesbians, fornicators, Muslims, etc, that we are all on a journey and that they are just at different places in their journey and we have to give everybody time to become who they are supposed to be.

The message he was conveying is that we are all on the same journey we are just at different places along that journey

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