Summary: Death does not have the abiliity to hold what God has already spoke to

Death Watch Him for Me II

Something Good Is About to Happen

John 11: 17-27

Vs. 17-20 Jesus Is Still The Raining Champion In The World and He Has All The Answers Til This day Death Watch Him For Me. Death Is your life, things, circumstances or situations on lay-away, until the redeemer calls for it....

Death attacks the body rendering it lifeless

Jesus did this in light of the Jewish superstition of that day that said a soul stays near the grave for three days, hoping to return to the body. After four days they believed there was no hope.

4 = God’s Creative Works – God Setting Things In Order

4 Days Your: 1) Finance 2) Influence 3) Marriage 4) Employment 5) Ministry 6) Relationships have been in the grave.

Jesus was just down the street or around the corner, but there was nothing that happened yet, but “Something Good Is About to Happen”!!!

Vs. 21-22 Martha Showed: 1) Disappointment 2) No Confidence In Jesus 3) Fear 4) Insecurity 5) Honesty

Vs. 25 You don’t have to wait when the I am is now also both present and future-Alpha and Omega-Beginning and End.

I am is what has happened and what will be

Resurrection - Rising from the dead

Resurrection and Life are the only couples that can bring from a dead state

Vs. 26-27

Whatever has died on you, If you believe it shall live again.

Belief has to be in Jesus and Jesus alone – If you believe in him your faith has just been taken to a new dimension.

Question: Do You Believe This?

This is not a question for us to intellectualize the answer

This was not a question to challenge you to a debate.

But to elevate your faith – What has already experienced Kingdom Living has the ability to take you where it’s already been to let you experience what you have never experienced before.

Compare Vs. 22 and Vs. 27.

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